Dyson Zone is Dyson's solution to increasing pollution levels in cities of modern times.
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Dyson Air purifier Headphones

In what we’ve been told is not an April Fools’ prank, Dyson has unveiled its first wearable gadget: a pair of air-purifying headphones. The Dyson Zone is a headset that integrates the company’s existing technology to purify air into a visor-style personal device that comes with noise-canceling headphones.

Although Covid might be the very first thought that pops into your thoughts when thinking of air purification in 2022, it is essential to note that the Dyson Zone was conceived initially before the time the virus was an issue and was an answer to the rising levels of pollution that are affecting significant cities. The Dyson Zone’s website for the announcement depicts the various stages of development for the Zone, starting with a snorkel-style filtering device to the current model that features a visor that allows a flow of purified air into the mouth and nose.


The device is intended to be used indoors and outdoors to shield you from “city pollution, including pollutants, allergens and particulate matter” with active noise-canceling headphones, protecting from the urban environment’s noise. The visor’s design allows it to sit close to the face but not touch it, eliminating the risk of irritation to the skin that is common with masks that are designed to fit the look and allow for extended periods of wearing.

Although Dyson has a long track record using air filtration, it’s the Zone is the first venture into audio products, so it’s going to be fascinating to test how the headphones hold up. In the launch announcement, Dyson states that it will offer “advanced noise cancellation and pure, high-fidelity sound,” which it claims was developed using an approach to science.

The response to Dyson’s announcement has been mixed. Some people are enthusiastic about the personal filtration device, and however, others have believed that it was an April Fools joke. The idea is similar to Razor’s RGB face mask that was revealed at the same time last year.
Dyson Zone Dyson Zone will launch in the autumn of 2022, but some regions will receive devices earlier than others. Dyson hasn’t released any details about pricing and availability; however, it says that it will be revealed shortly.