9 Best Ducky Keyboards Reviews In 2021

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best ducky mechanical keyboard

Ducky mechanical keyboard is one of the best brands in all markets, which sells a wide range of keyboards in many kinds, you can buy their keyboards in affordable pice because their keyboard price is good for everyone anyone can effort it. In these ways, many gamers or many other peoples want to buy a Ducky gaming keyboard for their setups.

Therefore, if you like the best brand’s keyboard for your desktop setup, so we can set a list of the best gaming or office keyboard which can help you to set your desktop setup. But before when you buy or spend the money on keyboards, there are some important things which we should consider such that:

As we said at the top, that Ducky gives a wide range of keyboard choices in which have all kinds of keyboards are included. In these lists, you will find a tenkeyless keyboard or full-size keyboard and many other keyboards which are available in our list. Many people want to know that how many keys are in a small keyboard and how many keys are in large keyboards s small one has contained 67 or 61 keys and a large one contains 108 or 109 keys in these ways large one is a little expensive as compared to the small one. 

The second thing checking other points on the keyboard, searching for connectivity is an important option in one of them. In some of the keyboards contributed by Ducky are fully wired, In Ducky’s keyboard, some of the keyboards are very good because they are detachable USB cables which can help you in traveling if want to take your keyboard to another place you will easily take it anywhere.

If you need a mechanical keyboard so all the Ducky brand keyboards are mechanical Therefore, they will you one of the best and good quality switches. But in some of the cases not every type of switch is liked by anyone, so search the best type of switch is considered to your tastes so your taste is so important. Most of the Ducky keyboards have Cherry MX switches, while some in some cases even use Kalith switches which are also the same as MX switches both are made of the same quality, but Kalith is cheaper as compared to an MX.

If you keep this something in your mind, Then buying a new Ducky mechanical keyboard is not so hard thing for you. However, there are some more additional things that you can check before you purchase a new Ducky keyboard. If you want to know all information, so we have already mentioned a detailed Buying Guide” later in this article, you can consider reading it when it ends. And now, you go to the over the list and check or buy the best Ducky mechanical keyboard from our list. 

Best Ducky Mechanical Keyboard In 2021.

We have choose Best Ducky Keyboard for you and also we have discuss complete procedure on where to buy ducky keyboard?

Where To buy ducky keyboards?

If you are searching for best ducky mechanical keyboards then below is the complete reviews and buying guides.

Best Ducky Mechanical Keyboard Reviews

We are starting from one of the best need and the most popular keyboards from Ducky, in these time these One 2 Mini keyboards are high wanted keyboards in the whole market for a long time, so we will suggest you check these out. 

As through its name, if we talk about the size of the keyboard it is Mini since it’s a 60% TKL keyboard and features only 61 keys in total.

If we talk about the quality of the keyboard so its is made from good quality and also gives light benight the button which we can see the buttons in the dark and also the lights gives him a great look.

It comes with 85% PBT double-shot seamless shine-through keycaps and dual-layer PCB for extra durability (Source).

If we talk about another feature of the keyboard, so the other feature is that the keyboard uses 100% original Cherry MX Brown switches which sound is so good and also quite clicky. Therefore, if you are a gamer, you almost choose this keyboard as it supports up to 10 different RGB lighting modes. 

These use a detachable USB type-c interface cable that makes it comfortable for those users who can carry this keyboard while they are going outside. Beneath the Ducky keyboard has gives a double-layered foot with three adjustable placement angles that are very very stable.

Best Features
  • These keyboard has 60% TKL with 61 Keys
  • Comes with double-Shot PBT keycaps
  • These Ducky keyboard has Cherry MX Brown Switches
  • Comes with Detachable USB cable
  • Contains 10 RGB lighting modes
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with 1-year long warranty
  • keyboard Durable and compact design
  • Key presses of the keyboard are very clicky
  • Build quality of the keyboard very impressive
  • They can make lighting brightness of the keyboard much better
ducky mechanical keyboard

If you want a thick and small keyboard for your desktop setup, this is not too big to click and gives a liner and quick reply, the Ducky One Mini keyboard is a good choice.

This keyboard is such a better or good one and gives you a liner clicky response, thankful to the Cherry MX Silver switches which are far more sensitive than any other switch on the markets. With a good type of switch, Ducky is used PBT double-shot seamless keycaps which create this keyboard one of the best in the whole market in terms of creating quality. 

Aside from that, the creation of the keyboard is so slim as it uses a double-layer PCB setup. On top of these, it has 3 level adjustable feet and also features are detachable USB cable for your comfort. 

That’s right, the keyboard supports RGB lighting as well, and also with the support of the latest Ducky Macro 2.0 firmware, you can also use this at 60% TKL keyboard more conveniently. The lighting gives a good and impressive look to the keyboard.

Best Features
  • This keyboard have an 60% TKL with 61 Keys
  • Have Double-Shot PBT keycaps
  • Comes Cherry MX Silver/Speed Switches
  • Have an detachable USB cable
  • Contain 10 RGB lighting modes
  • This keyboard have 1-year long warranty

Pros & Cons

  • This keyboard have an attractive design
  • This keyboard is small which can take a less space on your desk
  • The cable is detachable which make you comfort and also having a good quality
  • Keyboard arrow keys placement could be better
ducky mechanical keyboard

Talking about the next keyboard, if set a white desktop setup and you looking for a white-themed keyboard, so Ducky provides a white keyboard where you can choose a Ducky keyboard is good choice for you.

If we talk about the first one, it’s another type of Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard, but they’re much different from each other. 

The most amazing feature of this keyboard is that it comes in a white color which gives to keyboard a very impressive look. Aside from it, another best thing is that we will catch your attention for its Cherry MX blue switches which are recognized mostly because of their tactile and clicky typing. 

To be the best, if you want a clicky sound, so the Cherry MX Blue switches give the loudest clicky sound.
If we talk about another feature of the keyboard, this keyboard from Ducky features has complete RGB backlighting and also has a smaller 60%TKL form-factor with 61 keys setup.

Therefore, the keyboard has doesn’t take too much space, still does all of its works very accurately. There are no errors about the build quality as Ducky uses 85% PBT double-shot seamless shine-through keycaps which are completely amazing and the best premium quality.

Best Features
  • These keyboard conatins 60% TKL with 61 Keys (Source).
  • These keyboard are Double-Shot PBT keycaps
  • These keyboard have Cherry MX Blue Switches
  • Have an Detachable USB cable
  • Contains 10 RGB lighting modes
  • Its has an 1-year long warranty

Pros & Cons

  • The white color gives a impressive look to the keyboard
  • These keyboard have an compact design
  • Comes with detachable cable uses Type-C interface
  • These keyboard have no wrist-rest support

If you want a keyboard that can provide you with convenient typing exposure when you work in the office, from the Ducky keyboard if you pick these keyboards so your choice of picking is so good.

The Ducky One 2 Skyline is normally a full-sized keyboard which has contains a complete setup of 108 keys. Since its uses the Cherry MX Silver/Speed switches, if your typing on these keyboards it will give you a good working experience, this keyboard is such a comfortable keyboard. The position of the keys is so good, and the keyboard feels you quite better, grateful to the Multi Double Shot PBT keycaps.

Another thing about this keyboard is the quality, the quality of the keyboard is so good the chassis is super strong and build like a tank. In extension, there is no flex in the chassis either, which can make it one of the strong keyboard choices for you to use it inn your office. Therefore, it’s a good keyboard, It required a few features like backlighting detachable USB, therefore it comes for an equal price as other keyboards that do have such more features.

Best Features
  • Full-Size Keyboard witch have contain 108 Keys
  • Double-Shot PBT keycaps which make its look good
  • Have an 3 Level Adjustable Feet
  • Contain Cherry MX Speed/Silver Switches
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Keycaps are so strong
  • The typing gives you comfort feeling
  • Made from good quality
  • Contain no backlight

If we talk about the Ducky One 2 Horizon keyboard so it is the same as the previous one but in some cases, we will tell you some or much difference which can make both different from each other than you can easy to differentiate between them.

If you want a full-size keyboard for your gaming desktop or office desktop setup, the Ducky One 2 Horizon keyboard is a good and better choice to pick. For those users who like typing too much, they surely like this keyboard if they come with Cherry MX Red switches that they have liner switching characteristics, therefore, they need little to no damage for clicking, and are so quick response as well as.

Aloof from that, all of the keycaps of this keyboard come with Multi Double-Shot PBT with Multi legends shapes which gives additional rigidity to each keycap so they last longer than any other keyboard. Furthermore, this keyboard is Ducky features 3 level adjustable feet, a detachable 1.5 Meter USB Type-C cable, Dual-layer PCB as you want.

Best Features
  • This keyboard are Full-Size with 108 Keys
  • Double-Shot PBT keycaps for these comfort
  • Cherry MX Red Switches which give a good look
  • Comes with Detachable USB cable
  • Have an 3 Level Adjustable Feet
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Have an attractive design
  • Placements of keys are so good
  • Typing experience is very impressive and good
  • Keyboard contains no backlight

In this part, you are a gamer, so this 31 set of Rubber-Double Shot keycaps from Ducky is a good assistant that you should use with your Ducky keyboard or another Cherry MX agreeable keyboard.

If we talk about the keycaps so these keyboard keycaps have a good textured design that can improve grip and empower you to game for spending many hours without facing any type issues because of sweat or anything else (Source)

Therefore the best part of that you can use this keycap set with any of the Ducky keyboards and gives a choice of inherent finger grip positioning while the rubber grip design makes sure you never have to change your finger in between gaming situations.

Best Features
  • Comes with 31-Key Ducky Rubberized DoubleShot Diamond Textured Keycaps
  • Rubber and transparent ABS Material which make it stable
  • Compatible with Cherry MX Style Switches which is made from good quality
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty

Pros & Cons

  • These keyboard have an contoured Textured design
  • Gives us a amazing grip
  • It is easy to install
  • Less warranty
  • It is a little pricey

As Ducky needs to save a steady design on all of their keyboards, this one takes a lightly change design bodily as it’s a 65% keyboard and comes with system keycaps choice as well.

This keyboard contains a total of 67 keys, out of which will randomly get a Year of the pig or year of the Rat limited Edition spacebar key with the keyboard which is one of the unique elements of this keyboard. Another thing, they also use the Cherry MX switches in this keyboard. Ducky keyboard has used Kailth Red switches which are made of good quality, and give some feedback too.

Aside from this part, all the other aspects such as PBT Double Shot colorful keycaps, Detachable USB Type-C cable, slim-bezel design are yet there as they are the same characteristics of all of the Ducky keyboards. Another thing from that, this is the best gaming users as it features are which it contains is 1000HZ polling rate that makes your clicks register quick. Not only this one, but another keyboard are also so attractive.

Best Features
  • This keyboard have an 65% TKL with 67 Keys
  • Double-Shot PBT keycaps for better look
  • Contain Kailh Red Switches
  • Detachable USB cable for make it comfort
  • This keyboard contains RGB backlighting
  • Have an 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Have an fast polling rate
  • Good and impressive design for gaming or programming
  • The good features are dedicated arrow keys
  • Less warranty for these keyboard
  • Not include rubber parts for make the keyboard stable

Buying Guide for the Best Ducky Keyboard:

Ducky keyboards are known to be the most customizable keyboards available in the market nowadays with a warranty. If you want to purchase it in different sizes, shapes, and designs then ducky keyboards are the best choice to buy.

Each ducky keyboard comes with a keycap puller which helps you to design your unique keyboard according to your choice if you want to design your keyboard with unique keys then visit their site from here you will find out unique design for your keyboard


As their keyboard is a very unique shape design with double-shot PBT keys which feels so comfortable when typing it should be noted that there is space between each key which is the best choice for those whose typing is so fast it will help them to reduce typos.

Ducky keyboards are loaded with extra features. Every key is macro-programmable, and there are two layers of hotkeys you can locate. There are DIP switches that allow you to modify the location of the Windows, Fn, and Caps Lock keys

The main downside to a Ducky keyboard is the lack of dedicated software. Although some models have software to customize RGB settings, you can’t set macros. All macro programming is done immediately on the keyboard, which can be challenging to digest for some people. Though, some people might favor the ability to program without installing software

Even though the keyboards are well-built, Ducky normally involves a cheap and generic USB-C cable. It maintains kinks regularly and may even have generic markings on it. Happily, it’s detachable if you want to renew it.


Things to remember

  • If you are working daily on a computer can cause back, neck, and shoulder pains, headaches, eyestrain, and overuse injuries of the arms and hands make sure to have a look at (More info here).
  • You can improve avoid computer-related injuries with proper furniture, more righteous posture, and good working habits (More info here).
  • Parents should put reasonable time limits on their children’s computer use and video-game playing.
  • Your child should take regular breaks from using a computer and should do some physical activities each day (More info here).


Sweating up, so far we have talked about a lot of Ducky keyboards choices in these articles for you. We believe that you chose one or two choices from our list as all the keyboards are so cool-looking and have a simple enough feature as well.

They said, we have already talked about all the main features f all the keyboards also we can show you their features in pros and cons. So well, it should not be a hard thing for you or for anyone to pick the best keyboard as compared based on keyboard features. If you need more extra help, so in our article the buying guide also gives you good information for all of you. However, if you are not able to choose, so we have some good personal ideas for you that you sway like:

1: first we talk about the Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical keyboard which is one of the best choices to pick from our list as it comes with Cherry MX Brown switches. Therefore, if you need a keyboard that is fit for both gaming and typing, so this one is best for you! It has a portable mini 61 key size and comes with PBT seamless double-shot keycaps as well. And more the keyboard has impressive RGB backlighting with 10 different modes and also has a 1-year long warranty.

2: If we talk about another Ducky one 2 Mini White Keyboard so it’s a clicky keyboard that comes with Cherry MX Blue switches. This keyboard comes with a white and blue combination which gives it an impressive look, it also contains RBG backlighting to make it bright and good looking, In addition, This one also comes with the same 61 keys portable design along with PBT seamless double-shot keycaps.

3: The third one Ducky One 2 SF RGB Pure White keyboard has contained arrow keys, this keyboard is a 65% mechanical keyboard which is the perfect choice for you. It also contains Cherry MX switches, these keyboards use Kaitlh Red switches which are awesome. Therefore, this keyboard is made for gaming because it has a 1000HZ fast polling rate and has great RGB lighting.

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