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Drop-in module provides Wi-Fi connectivity to Arduino Uno

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fatima khan
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Someone has devised a way to include Wi-Fi on the standard Arduino Uno by proposing the possibility of a module that can be plugged directly into the DIL socket, which is generally reserved for the ATmega328. It won’t work with Unos with a surface-mount 328.

Arduino uno

The 28-pin DIL module has a surface to mount ATmega328 and an Espressif ESP8285 to provide the Wi-Fi connection, a Wi-Fi antenna, and 2Mbytes of memory flash.

An integrated push button and associated firmware allow the esp8285 to program ATmega. It can be programmed via ATmega by using the same serial interface used to program the ATmega.

The possibility of a Kickstarter campaign to help fund development is in the works.

It seems like the business’s name is Jolly Dev, and its website’s address can be found at – from where a basic information sheet can be downloaded.

“You’ll be able to maintain full compatibility in the pinout, firmware, and hardware architecture of your existing projects,” according to the company, managed by Arduino co-founder Gianluca Martino.

The board is flat beneath and has castellated contact points, permitting it to be surface mounted or pin-mounted to create standalone projects that do not require an Uno board.

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