DronesDJI Avata photos leaked suggest that an indoor drone...

DJI Avata photos leaked suggest that an indoor drone is ready for lift-off


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While the DJI Mini 3 Pro has just arrived, rumours abound that the drone king might be planning to launch an indoor-flying camera.

Based on photos taken by regular DJI leakers @OsitaLV and @DealsDrone, the DJI Avata, or as it’s likely called, looks like a drone with 3-inch propellors.

Cinewhoop drones are lightweight and small enough to fly indoors. These drones can also be used for floating steady-cam shots.
The images look similar to previous renders, but they also show a very different design from DJI’s current range. DJI drones are usually grey, but the photos show a drone with black plastic bodies and are typical of current cinewhoop drones.
The DJI logos still appear on the front camera module. DJI may be preparing to enter a niche market.
These leaked images don’t reveal the main features DJI could bring to cinewhoop drones. They show a drone with a large battery and a small tiltable camera. It is not clear if the latter is used for video recording or to send a feed to FPV glasses.

The device still looks intriguing and is a great all-in-one option for those who want to capture indoor video at events. If it follows the DJI trend in the months leading to the rumoured launch, we can expect more leaks.


Analysis: DJI looks to a niche but exciting, new airspaceA sketch showing what a DJI FPV drone could look like

(Image credit: OsitaLV)

For years, rumours have circulated about a DJI drone designed in cinewhoop fashion. The DJI Mini 3 Pro was recently launched by @OsitaLV, a frequent DJI commentator.
The most popular Cinewhoop drones are the ones in the 3-inch range. These drones are small enough for indoor flying but powerful enough to carry a decent camera.
The DJI Mini SE drone is currently the most affordable. The DJI Avata combines the DJI FPV and a cheaper drone like the Ryze Tello.
This would give the camera an entirely new look, which is quite different from the GoPro Hero 10 Black Bones. This camera was made for DIY tinkerers, the primary buyers of FPV drones (First Person View).

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