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Deliver Us Mars is a very different game in space from Starfield

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Starfield, The Callisto Protocol, and Dead Space remakes are coming soon. Still, the sci-fi adventure Deliver Us Mars wants to be a completely different space adventure.

Starfield, The Callisto Protocol as well as the remake of Dead Space are spearheading a new era of space games. Deliver Us, Mars, the sci-fi adventure sequel to Steam smash Deliver Us the Moon that is on display during Games com 2022, hopes to offer something entirely distinct, focusing on wonder and exploration rather than shooting and fighting.

Suppose you’ve never experienced the gameplay in the beta for Deliver Us Mars. In that case, it can be considered a direct and independent follow-up to Deliver Us the Moon, the sci-fi sleeper sensation of 2018 by Dutch game developer KeokeN Interactive. In the original game, you’re a single astronaut sent on a mission to the Moon to retrieve the rare element crucial to securing Earth from the imminent energy crisis. Like the original, Deliver Us Mars does not have combat elements; instead, it’s more of a platformer, puzzles, and problem-solving. It’s a hybrid of Tomb Raider and Portal as you fight to survive and navigate the bleak Red Planet.

In a presentation during Games com 2022 at PCGamesN, Raynor Arkenbout, creator of the narrative for Deliver Us Mars, explains how the game can make its mark in the increasingly popular space genre.

“I think it makes sense that there are so many space games,” Arkenbout said. “I believe we’re in a period in which space is a fascination for us. Therefore, I’m not too worried because we’re all fascinated by the subject and the arena.

“We are awestruck by The Callisto Protocol. I’m excited to play it. The game we play is not about shooting, war and the like. We’ll be seated on our own side of the scene. The game itself is going to revolve around something other than the kind of narrative-driven drama. It’ll be a totally different style.”

Apart from its primary focus on narrative and problem-solving, the game delivers Us Mars features a unique mechanic. Scaling the cliffs and dragging yourself across the rough Martian terrain is designed to be a bit laborious because your two pickaxes for climbing are operated independently. It’s not like Assassin’s Creed, where jumping and free-running are controlled with one button. To avoid falling to the ground, it is essential to carefully plan the ax’s placement and switch between various keys. Modifying these mechanisms is among the main reasons Deliver Us Mars has been delayed since its original release date.

“We were doing really well,” Arkenbout says, “but I think we considered it and realized that if we took some time to think about it, we could be able to achieve the ambition that we’ve been talking about. It’s about polishing. I believe that taking those couple of months will help the game. People will be happier because of it. I’ll be happy about it too. It was a hard choice, but I believe, the right decision to make at this moment. I’m a huge gamer and I believe that every gamer on the planet wants developers who declare, “let’s finish it,” instead of just kicking it off the market.”

Delivery Us Mars is now slated to release on February 2nd, 2023.

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