This article is about No car sold in Pakistan in April thanks to Covid-19 lockdown . This article was written on the analytics done by samaa tv. Its just for information purpose. As we all knows that covid-19 pandemic has caused lots of damaged to the world. the no car sold in Pakistan is also one of it’s many causes. let’s get started with the information

NO CAR SOLD in Pakistan in April, thanks to Covid-19 lockdown  ;

The most advanced and significant automotive companies/industries haven’t sold a single-vehicle last month or April as the country continued on partial lockdown to control the spread of Covid-19, according to the most updated information from Pakistan Automobile Industries Association(PAMA).

According to SAMAA TV No car sold in Pakistan in April thanks to Covid-19 lockdown from Pakistan Automobile Industries  because of full country lockdown and also due to a government order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Investigators announced on Tuesday pricing data of Pakistan Automobile Industries works on samaa tv live.

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As the lockdown in the country remains for almost one month and in some areas, are still in lockdown as a result of many plant operations along with car dealerships across the country has stopped their business, According to live pakistani tv which stated in a statement that cars purchases in the previous 10 months concluding April dropped by 52% corresponded to the previous same year reports which have a clear indication that car sales purchase has been decreased up to 20%, it was also mentioned that the same case also happened to bikes/motorcycle.

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“According to samaa tv  in all over the country, Pakistan only sold 39 car this April, which included trucks and buses only it was just because of the decrease meant in prices of buses and cars,” Market Securities stated in a separate report, regarding there did no customer car sales due to the lockdown that got into power on March 24 as result car prices decreased it was also reported that after the lockdown maybe there will be a higher exponential graph of selling which means that if the graph got increased, its price will also be higher in few months.
according to samaa tv ,Tractor purchases were below 30% in April related to the previous month of 2019. “This was also due to smart lockdown COVID-19, which was following reduced for the tractor industry given its connections to the farming sector between collecting season,”
it said as two weeks of May,” IMS said. They, however, added that sales are expected to pick up in the first “According to some dealers who stated that we expect sales to resume for the half of 2021 which means there will be a rise in the price of cars and other motorcycles. This is due to the Indus Motor Company Limited, the inventors of Toyota in Pakistan a well-known company, and Honda Car Pakistan Limited raised prices freshly and Pak Suzuki Motor Company followed the same and increase their prices by 3%. But interpreters at IMS also announced the loss of more than 4% in interest rates may accommodate auto-financing pick up earlier than required.
If you are willing to buy a car next month try to buy this month and take advantage of COVID-19.