ChromeChrome OS is receiving significant upgrades, professionals will...

Chrome OS is receiving significant upgrades, professionals will appreciate.


Google has released an array of security updates available to Chrome OS, which runs on Chromebook devices.

The updates are available for everything from new security integrations and data protection to software security upgrades for devices.

Google says that the most up-to-date set of measures has been introduced to assist companies in working towards a zero-trust concept.

The new security interfaces are now available with partners.

The most recent integrations that have been dubbed”the Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework will allow connectivity with Netskope Security Cloud, together with Okta Identity Engine policy support for Chrome OS, which will help businesses meet their needs to manage identity Requirements.

The most recent set of integrations can handle the administration of the endpoints. It will include better cooperation with BlackBerry UEM and Samsung Knox Manager and the most recent version of Google’s previous collaboration, which integrates with VMware Workspace ONE.

Furthermore, Google has added integrations to provide security insight and reports and one integrated with Splunk’s Cloud Platform of Splunk.

Google has also announced an integration to Integrations to Palo Alto Networks, and CrowdStrike will be available shortly via Google Enterprise Trusted Testing Program. Google Enterprise Trusted Testing Program.

How about other things?

Alongside the more secure collection of third-party integrations that integrate with companies from third parties, Google also announced Chrome OS Data Controls, which promises customers protection for their devices and protects against data leaks. This is done by allowing IT to define the rules integrated into Chrome OS regarding occasions when it must be time to initiate control activities to trigger certain activities. This includes printing with copy and pastes screen capture and other actions that can result in loss of data.

Google additionally released a range of security-related updates for the hardware it uses.

P Elite Dragonfly Chromebook, the first Chrome OS device with Intel vPro Enterprise, lets users use HP’s Fingerprint Sensor for Privacy Cameras and an additional HP Sure View privacy screen.

Google also announced Intel vPro Enterprise, a successor to Chrome OS, which claims to offer total hardware-based security with two essential features. These include Key Locker, which secures encryption keys on disks and stops leaks. It also includes Intel Total Memory Encryption (Intel TME), which ensures that data transferred from the chip into memory is secured.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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