How Do You Charge Nintendo Switch Controller [2022]?

In this article we well tell you about that how do you charge Nintendo switch controller:

Contrary to traditional consoles such as those of Xbox and PlayStation that are designed for use on a huge TV in the bedroom or living room, the Nintendo Switch is the best alternative for gaming on the go. Because of its small size and integrated display, it is possible to play top premium AAA games anywhere you’d like. If you’re interested, you can join the Nintendo Switch to a TV to enjoy a more traditional gaming experience.

That is due to its wireless controllers, which can be used to play games at a distance. However, they must be recharged regularly to ensure the controllers’ functionality. If you’re experiencing difficulties or aren’t certain how to accomplish this, We are here to assist you with a complete guide on charging Nintendo Switch controllers. If you follow this tutorial through the entire process, you will learn about all possible charging options available for your Nintendo Switch controllers.

How do you charge a Nintendo Switch?

Charge an Original Nintendo Switch using the docking station, which lets you connect the console to a TV:

1. Connect the USB-C cable with your AC outlet, then connect the USB-C port at the rear of the dock on the Switch.

charge Nintendo switch controller

2. Then, slide into the Switch console inside the dock so that the USB-C cable plugged inside the dock connects to the port located on the side of the Switch.
If you’d like to play with the Switch with a handheld controller or if you have a Nintendo Switch Lite, connect the USB-C cable to the bottom of your Switch console.

Charging the Joy-Cons when not playing Games

The most typical scenario when you’ll need to charge the Nintendo Switch controllers is when you’re not playing games. As the Nintendo Switch is not in use, you will need to charge your controllers before the next game session. In the same way option, you can choose either of these two options:

Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers using the Nintendo Switch

In addition, Nintendo has also considered charging Nintendo Switch controllers. They have also provided an inbuilt charger for Joy-Con controllers. It is easy to charge Nintendo Switch controllers using the Nintendo Switch as described here:

  • Then, switch the on to the power on your Nintendo Switch and attach the Joy-Con controllers to it. You should receive an email to the Nintendo Switch that the Joy-Con controllers are correctly connected.
  • Then Connect your Nintendo Switch to either a dock or an AC power adapter to ensure that it’s charging well.
  • After that, hit the power button on Your Nintendo Switch to put it into sleep mode. It is important to ensure that you’re not shutting off the Nintendo Switch since it won’t charge the controllers that are in the case.
  • That after that, the Nintendo Switch controllers should get fully charged within half an one hour or less.

Charging Nintendo Switch controllers with the Charging Dock

Suppose you don’t wish to go through the entire process described above repeatedly to recharge the Nintendo Switch controllers. In that case, you might want to think about an alternative to the Joy-Con charging dock, which can be used in the following ways:

  • After you’ve purchased your Joy-Con charging dock, you must attach it to your AC power adapter with a USB cable.
  • Once you have it, you can connect up to four Joy-Con controllers to it and start charging immediately. It is also possible to see the lights at the top of the device turn red to indicate charging and green to indicate that it is fully charged.

Charge the Joy Cons when playing games

Though charging Joy-Con controllers is fairly effortless when you’re not playing games, it can be an issue when playing with them. In that situation, you’ll need to utilize various charging methods, as explained in this article:

The Nintendo Switch controllers can be charged with Handheld Mode

The most straightforward method to charge the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers during games is to utilize your handheld controllers. After disconnecting it from its dock, it is as simple as connecting your Joy-Con controllers to the Switch. Switch it from the dock. Once you’ve done that, it is possible to play games with the Nintendo Switch on the go even while your Joy-Con controllers are charging up.

The Nintendo Switch can be charged by using The Charging Grip

If you’d like to play with it with your Nintendo Switch in the docked mode, you might require some accessories to charge your Joy-Con controllers. Fortunately, Nintendo offers the Charging Grip, which does not just charge you Joy-Con controllers, but it also has a similar design as the Pro Controller. You need to buy the charging grip, place your Joy-Con controllers inside it and enjoy games while charging your controllers effortlessly.

Charging Nintendo Switch controllers with the charging case

Although using your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode to charge your Joy-Con controllers is a good idea, it will lead to a greater battery drain. That can be a major problem when playing games while charging you Joy-Con controllers. In this case, it is possible to consider purchasing a charging case for your Nintendo Switch. They are batteries that are connected to the back of the Nintendo Switch. After connecting, they recharge your Nintendo Switch to ensure that it is not drained of power while charging the Joy-Con controllers. Joy-Con controllers while playing games.

Charging the Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

If you have purchased the Nintendo Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch for a better gaming experience will need to choose various charging methods to charge it. That is because of the fact it is that Nintendo’s Pro Controller by Nintendo does not directly connect to Nintendo Switch for charging. Instead, you’ll need to choose any of these charging options to charge the same reason:

Charge Nintendo Pro Controller using the Switch Dock

In addition to being able the ability to hook up to connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV and charge it additionally, it also allows you to charge your Nintendo Switch. Switch Dock also offers a USB port on the front. That means that you can connect a USB cable to recharge your Nintendo Pro Controller via the Switch Dock, as long as it can be connected with the AC power adapter.

Charging Nintendo Pro Controller using a Charging Dock

Like Xbox and PlayStation controllers that can be charged with numerous third-party charging docks, the Nintendo Pro Controller also has similar options. The charging docks must be linked to the USB cable’s power supply. After connecting, you can place your Pro Controller onto the dock and begin charging it instantly.

Things To Remember

Read and follow the health and safety guidelines. Inattention to this could cause injuries or damages.

Adults must supervise the use of this product by children.(Source)

WARNING – Seizures

A few individuals (about 1 out of 4000) might experience blackouts or seizures caused by flashes of light or patterns.

It could happen when they’re watching television and playing games on video, even if they’ve never played an incident like this.

Seizure before. Anyone who has experienced episodes, loss of consciousness, or other symptoms

An epileptic disorder must consult with a physician before playing video games associated with epileptic conditions.

Stop playing and talk to an expert if you notice any strange symptoms, like eye or convulsions.

Muscles twitching, loss of awareness, impaired vision, uncontrollable movements, or confusion.

To lessen the risk of having a seizure while engaging in video gaming:

Avoid playing if you are tired or require to rest.

* Have fun in a well-lit area.

* Pause for between 10 and 15 minutes each hour.

WARNING – Eye Strain, Motion Sickness, and Repetitive Motion Injuries

Do not play for too long.

Pause for 10 to 15 minutes each half-hour even though you do not think you require it.

Stop playing if you notice any of the following signs:

• If you notice that your eyes feel tired or sore during play or if you experience exhausted, nauseous, or dizzy;

* If your wrists, hands, or arms start to feel exhausted or sore from playing or if you experience the sensation of numbness or tingling

discomfort, stiffness, or burning. Discomfort.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, these symptoms persist.

WARNING – Batteries

Do not use it if the battery leaks.

If the battery fluid comes into your child’s eyes, it is imperative to clean your eyes using plenty of water.

See a doctor. If fluid drips onto your hands, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly.

Fluids from the exterior of the device using the help of a cloth.

Consoles and Joy-Con controllers both have batteries that recharge lithium-ion. Don’t replace the battery.

Batteries yourself. The batteries need to be replaced and removed by a certified professional. For assistance, please contact

Nintendo Customer Support is available for additional details.

WARNING – Electrical Safety

Take the following precautions while making use of the AC adapter:

* Only use your AC adapter (HAC-002) to charge the console.

• Connect the AC adapter to the proper power source (AC 100 – 24V).

* Avoid using voltage converters and plugs that deliver lower electricity amounts.

*The AC adapter must be connected to an accessible, nearby outlet.

It is designed for indoor use only.

If you experience an unusual sound or you smell smoke or sense something odd, disconnect the AC adapter from your

socket and socket and Nintendo Customer Support.

Avoid exposing devices to the elements of fire, microwaves, extreme temperatures, or direct sunlight.

Be sure that the device is not made contact with liquids and don’t use them with oily or wet hands.

If liquid enters the device, you must stop using it and call Nintendo Customer Support.

Avoid exposing devices to force that is too strong.

Please don’t pull the cables, and don’t twist them too much.

Don’t touch connectors on your device with your fingers or other metal objects.

Don’t contact your AC adapter or any connected devices when charging during a storm.

Only use compatible accessories that are approved for use in your region.

Don’t disassemble or attempt to repair the device.

If your devices are damaged, you should stop using them and call Nintendo Customer Support. Could you not touch them?

Affected areas. Beware of contact with the leaky fluid. (Source)


Many people asked that how do you charge Nintendo switch controller. If you’re unfamiliar with the Nintendo Switch or having problems with charging your controllers, the tutorial above will be handy for you. That is the fact that we’ve provided all the information on setting Nintendo Switch controllers earlier in this instructional. This guide looks at the included Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller that you may have purchased separately.

Since we’ve given you a range of charging options, you will find the charging method that meets your requirements the most. If you’ve gone through all of the details in the steps, you can charge the Nintendo Switch controllers given above. Make sure you share your opinions in the comments section. Also, you can ask questions in the comments section if you have questions!

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