Saturday, November 26, 2022

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Tesla’s possible return to TSMC for advanced self-driving chips

TSMC held its in-person Technology Symposium with a virtual event in parallel for the first time in 2022, showcasing its industry-leading advanced logic technology,...

Tesla Ordered To Recall More Than A Million Cars In The US

Elon Musk is not having a good time and neither is his electric car company, Tesla. The company has spent some time under the...

When should you stop mowing your lawn for the winter?

Now that summer is over, you’'re probably wondering when should you stop mowing your lawn for the winter. By stopping mowing at the right...

Tesla Quietly Built a Virtual Power Plant in Japan

Tesla latest virtual power plant is in Japan. The company announced Friday that it has been quietly installing its Powerwall batteries at homes on...

The Tesla you always wanted just got more expensive

Inflation continues to spoil the fun as Tesla is increasing the prices of several car models yet again.Electric vehicle (EV) news site Electrek (opens...

This year, Tesla’s robot with a humanoid face could be on the market. But I’m not sure.

Elon Musk is not ambitious. He has some impressive goals regarding Tesla that go far more than selling a few of the most electric vehicles.

Tesla will be opening Texas Factory With A Cyber Rodeo Event.

The grand opening celebration has been scheduled for April 7 Thursday, and we will celebrate the event by hosting a " Cyber Rodeo."

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