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how to clean your car battery terminal

How To Clean Your Car Battery Terminal: [2022]

How Can We Clean Car Battery Terminals Many people asked this question that how to clean your car battery terminal, so in this article we will give you the best answer of this question: A car battery is an essential component in all kinds of

Solar Charger Vs Power Banks

Solar Charger Vs Power Banks – Find the Difference? [2022]

In this article we will show you the differences between Solar Charger Vs Power Banks: Even with a premium smartphone with an enormous battery, there are many situations where you could be unable to recharge your battery when traveling. Other mobile and smart gadgets need to

Connecting Batteries in Series and Parallel

Connecting Batteries in Series and Parallel [2022]

Series and Parallel Batteries Let’s begin at the beginning of Connecting Batteries in Series and Parallel, the battery bank. It is the outcome of connecting two batteries in a single use (i.e., sailboat). What do multiple connecting batteries do? By connecting the batteries, you can

What is Auto Transformer?

What is an Auto-transformer?

What is an Auto-Transformer This Article is based on all the topics related to Autotransformer.  This Article on other hand is a complete guide about Autotransformer construction, working principles, Symbols, using techniques and precautions etc. You must read it carefully for not making any mistakes.

what is transducer

What is transducer, it’s types and application (Updated)

What is Transducer? The Transducer is defined as a device that senses non-electrical variation signals and shows it in an electrical form. It can also be defined as The Transducer converts physical Quantity to Analog Normalized signal. The function of transducer is to convert the

What is transformer its construction and types: Updated [2022]

What is Transformer?  A transformer is derived from two words transfer + form, which means to transfer electrical power from one circuit to another. It should be noted that it has one great advantage; the input side that has a frequency also comes out in