Thursday, December 8, 2022

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NASA’s Artemis I Mission historic launch is finally complete

NASA is one step closer to realizing its goal of returning humans to the Moon with the launch and maintenance of its strongest rocket....

NASA’s InSight lander dutifully recorded the burst of seismic vibrations on the surface of Mars

NASA's InSight lander's days may soon be numbered on the surface of Mars — but that hasn't stopped it from providing scientists with invaluable data. The lander...

NASA’s independent study into UFOs is officially underway

NASA Launches Independent UFO Study with a 'Full' Report Expected by Mid-2023. The nine-month study of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) began on Monday, according to...

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Captures a new view of an iconic cosmic site ‘Pillars of Creation’.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured a new view of an iconic cosmic site: the region known as the “Pillars of Creation,” where...

NASA announces a halt to Artemis 1 moon rocket launch due to cooling issues with the engine

Artemis 1 won't fly today after all. CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.: A cooling issue with NASA's massive new rocket designed for deep-space exploration caused the agency to...

How can you watch NASA’s Artemis 1 SLS megarocket launch?

NASA's massive Space Launch System (SLS) is almost ready for liftoff. This highly anticipated rocket launch has been over a decade in the making. It...

NASA just released a free game for Xbox (but it’s got nothing on Kerbal Space Program)

US NASA, the space agency of America NASA, has launched a no-cost single-player management game available on the Microsoft Store - but To The...

Sand Dunes Might Provide Insight on Weather Conditions on Planets: Study

What is it like to live on Mars and Venus' surfaces? And further afield, like on Pluto and Saturn's moon Titan. Space exploration has advanced since Sputnik 1 was launched 65 years ago.

NASA and Boeing Launch Starline Uncrewed Space Capsule to ISS Today

Officials and astronauts from NASA on Wednesday confirmed that Boeing's Starliner spacecraft is ready for uncrewed launch to the International Space Station this week. This long-delayed test mission proved that the aerospace giant could safely fly humans into space.

NASA Artemis I Space Launch System Possible Launch Opportunities Unveiled for the Second Half of 2022

NASA has revealed new dates for the Artemis I uncrewed mission launch, which will run from July to December 2022.

James Webb Space Telescope optical alignment is “perfect,” NASA says

With NASA's calibrations of the James Webb Space Telescope now in the home stretch

NASA Likely to Launch Artemis 1 Moon Rocket in August

Artemis 1, was earlier scheduled to launch in late May 2022.

NASA Helicopter “Rover’s Copter” Discovered The “Otherworldly” Debris On Mars.

NASA's inventive Mars Helicopter has examined the parachute that helped NASA's Perseverance Rover reach Mars and the conical backshell that protected the rover.

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