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Home automation

Benefits from Smart Automation for Homes

The security of your home and family requires a reliable security system. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now find more efficient and practical top security solutions.

Wi-fi Controlled Robot Car Using NodeMcu

“Wi-fi Controlled Robot car Using NodeMcu¬†“ The Wi-fi Controlled Robot Car using NodeMcu is controlled from a smartphone through Wifi as¬† Nodemcu has built-in wifi that can easily connect with our Smartphone and can control the Robot using wi-fi.¬†NodeMcu has a high range and can

automatic vacuum cleaner robot

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot using Arduino in 8 steps.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot is intended for automatic house washing. It works on its own just leave it on the floor; it will clean the floor automatically without any communication of human beings. This device is built cost-efficient, and anyone can

Automatic Homemade Sanitizer without Arduino[updated] [2022]

What is an Automatic homemade sanitizer without Arduino? As we know, Coronavirus is increasing day by day. However, there is no treatment for this disease; the best treatment is to boost your immune system, wash your hands, stay at home away crowded places, and some

Password Based Door Lock System Using Arduino [2022]

Introduction; This article is based on password based door lock system using arduino. It was introduced for safety measures as safety is most important when it comes toward personals lives. This project was invented for people comfort and satisfaction and nowadays every developing country is