Thursday, August 11, 2022


RSAT Step By Step Installation Method On Windows 11

<img width="800" height="420" class="entry-thumb td-modal-image" src="" alt="Install RSAT on Windows 11" title="Install RSAT on Windows 11 (1)"/>To speed up the process, the most current operating system allows you to use RSAT. This way, it will enable you to...

Microsoft rolls back, blocking Office VBA macros by default

Microsoft has begun thinking about a planned change that would block Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros as defaults in a wide range of Office applications. It was announced earlier in the year. Microsoft was planning to block Office users...

Windows 11 updates its Android subsystem to include VPN support and better video playback

Windows 11 allowed it to run Android applications directly on PCs. In addition, for July 2022, Microsoft has announced that it will begin upgrading the system with some fundamental changes. Its Windows Subsystem for Android allows users with Windows 11 to download, install...

Microsoft’s brand new Dublin Data Center will be able to send energy through the grid

Microsoft claims that its data centers will soon supply electricity backup to electric grids transitioning towards renewable energy. They already possess lithium-ion batteries installed to ensure they are operating during power outages.

Gboard’s split keyboard works with the Microsoft Surface Duo

Windows Central has highlighted that the split keyboard option in Gboard works for Microsoft Surface Duo users. The feature only works when the Surface Duo is open, and the two halves are visible on one of the two displays.

Microsoft Outlook now has a faster version of its Lite app for Android

Microsoft mentions that Outlook Lite will be released sometime in July 2022. The company describes the app as:

Microsoft’s new Outlook Lite for Android app will be available this month.

The software giant has described the application in its Microsoft 365 roadmap, which defines Outlook Lite as "an Android app that brings the main benefits of Outlook in a smaller app size with fast performance for low-end devices on any network."

Easily skip Windows 11 Microsoft account requirements with Rufus

Windows 11 comes with more restrictive install requirements when compared to its predecessor, including restrictions on older processors as well as requiring an internet connection and Microsoft account. Luckily, there are workarounds that allow for upgrades to...

A new version of DRM software Denuvo is coming to squat on your games

Digital Rights Management software Denuvo is a recurring PC Gaming villain, frequently blamed for launch issues and problems with performance. That may not always be fair, but recent games like Resident Evil Village seem to have suffered (opens in...

Windows Defender is reportedly hindering performance on Intel CPUs

Developer Kevin Glynn, aka "Uncle Webb," has discovered a weird Windows Defender bug that causes Intel CPUs to suffer a significant performance hit on Windows 10 or 11.According to a Tech Power Up report (opens in new tab), the...
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When Will The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Be Available?

Samsung fans rejoice! The Korean just held its latest Unpacked event, and we’re all excited about what the company is going to be launching soon. Along with the new Galaxy Watch 5 and the new foldable phones, Samsung also announced the new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, and these new earbuds will be available come August 26th.
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