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How to Convert Coax into Ethernet?

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Aizaz khan
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90% of homes in the US are equipped with coaxial (coax) wires. This wiring is made to transmit extremely high-bandwidth video signals because it is perfect to be transformed into the Ethernet network.

It is possible to change your coaxial cable TV wiring at the house to the Ethernet connection by using an extremely small device called the Coax-to Ethernet adapter (also known as a MoCA Adapter) that can improve the Internet or WiFi connection more speedy and stable. Here is how to do it.

Converting Coax to Ethernet

Converting coax cables to one Ethernet connection is a fantastic method to increase the speed of your Ethernet without the need to connect any wires! Coax to Ethernet adapters are a low-cost and easy way to access an Ethernet connection without a long-term wiring project.

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First, you need to be acquainted with:

Coax Ethernet Adapters (MoCA Adapters) These adapters convert the coax wire to the Ethernet connection. These adapters may also be known as MoCA Adapters or MoCA Network adapters.

MoCA is a protocol in technology created in the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (aka MoCA Alliance), which creates a standard for coaxial connection.

MoCA Network – a MoCA network is created by a minimum of two MoCA-enabled devices like Coax to Ethernet adapters and a modem with MoCA capabilities connected to the coaxial cables.

How Does It Work?

MoCA adapters can handle Gigabit speeds. They work by changing your home’s coax TV wiring and outlet cables to the Ethernet connection, which then transmits an increased bandwidth to each device connected to the new MoCA network.

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Both Wired and Wireless

A MoCA system is the most effective combination of both wireless and wired. Because MoCA adapters convert coax wiring to the Ethernet network, you can enjoy wired connections that will not get affected by interference. This gives you the most reliable and speedy Internet backbone. MoCA adapters also work with any device with an Ethernet port, meaning they can be connected to a wireless router or the mesh wireless access point streaming or gaming devices.

Compatibility with Ethernet Devices

Ethernet over Coax Adapters has a coax port and an Ethernet port at the back. It is possible to plug every Ethernet device, like computers, WiFi routers, gaming consoles, and more, into the Ethernet port to connect the device to the MoCA network.

Network Size

There is the possibility of having as many as 16 Coax to Ethernet Adapters and MoCA devices connected directly to the MoCA network. This is plenty of capacity for even the most powerful user.


Coax Ethernet adapters can provide high-performance data speeds as high as 2.5 Gbps within the MoCA network and up to 1 Gbps for your devices.

Not Compatible With

Coax to Ethernet adapters are incompatible with satellite television and AT&T U-verse coax networks.

MoCA Network Security

MoCA networks are very secure, but by their nature, MoCA signals search each other out. This implies that the MoCA signal block must be located at the entry point to your Internet connection to your home to ensure that your MoCA signal does not seek other MoCA signals from a nearby home.

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Easy Plug N’ Play Set Up

It is that easy – connect them. Coax to Ethernet adapters will instantly “see” each other to establish an immediate MoCA network the moment they are connected.

You will require 2 MoCA adapters for your modem; the router does not include MoCA integrated.

Installing the Coax adapter to an Ethernet adapter requires two simple steps:

The first step. Please plug one of the HTEM4 adapters into a TV outlet with a coax wire. Next, using an Ethernet cable, join your router with the HTEM4 adapter.

Step 2. Take your second HTEM4 adapter. Connect it to any coax outlet at home. It will create a MoCA connection automatically with the router.

Through MoCA adapters, you can use wireless Internet and enjoy an experience on a wired network with a strong, reliable Internet connection.

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Get A Better Home Network

Better WiFi Bandwidth

Make your coax TV outlets to the Gigabit Ethernet connectivity between the router and WiFi accessibility points. This faster speed to the WiFi Access points means more efficient WiFi connectivity speeds for all your wireless gadgets.

Better Video Streaming

Coax adapters to Ethernet (MoCA) adapters make an extremely stable network connection that lets users stream HD and HD videos without freezing or buffering.

Better Online Gaming

Your MoCA network’s wired high-speed connection reduces the latency and eliminates lag, so you do not need to worry about lag when gaming online.

Faster WiFi Speeds and Better Coverage

Utilizing Coax into Ethernet adapters to build a MoCA network with Gigabit speeds can boost the speed of your WiFi and the coverage provided to all of your coax outlets equipped with a Coax to Ethernet adapter.

Better Experience working at home

The MoCA network can make the work from home and video conference calls a more pleasant experience. You will enjoy an easy and seamless connection to complete your job, even if everyone else in the house is simultaneously connected to the Internet.

You are utilizing the HT-EM4 MoCA adapters to enhance the speed of your WiFi connection and the Internet experience in every part of your home.

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