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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: players stunned to find the discs only include 72MB of data

If you want the latest Call of Duty on disc, get ready to just download it as the disc only has 72MB of data. The download is more than 100GB

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Physical copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II are starting to be delivered worldwide, and players have been stunned to find the discs only include 72MB of data. Instead, owners have had to download the entire game digitally, which Eurogamer reports could take up as much as 150GB of space on the PS5.

Activision has effectively shipped a dummy disc, meaning physical copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will always have to connect up to the internet to get a copy of the game. It’s a process that has seen widespread criticism in the past, particularly because it can hinder game preservation, force firmware updates, and overall, push owners toward DRM versions of games that might not work properly years in the future.

As for Modern Warfare 2’s upcoming launch on Friday, developer Infinity Ward warned that players who try to change their console’s region setting to play early will likely be locked out of the game until the official launch time of their actual region. We’ve also run down every aspect of the multiplayer at launch, including every perk, killstreak, and mode.

Back in the late 2010’s, PlayStation fans complained when the Spyro Reignited Trilogy did not contain Spyro 2 or 3 on the disc, requiring an internet connection to download them. While this might seem ridiculous in this day and age, some gamers who live in remote areas or have metered connections don’t always have access to unlimited gigabytes of data, and this prevents them from playing certain games. Spyro Reignited was later reissued with all of the data on the disc ( via gamespot )

Thankfully, the vast majority of game discs, particularly on PlayStation, ship with the full game. It’s still rare to see dummy discs like this, but it’s incredibly disappointing since you’re forced to download the game entirely. That’s a problem if you live in a country with strict data caps or even markets where download speeds are slow. You’ll have to keep your console on for hours to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIwhich adds to electricity costs and environmental impacts.

While it’s relatively normal for day one patches to improve games, as Lance McDonald points out on Twitter, there’s a big difference between a day one patch to fix things and the game not being on the disc. While the base game is around 35GB, a day one patch has ballooned the game size to up to 150GB when installed with all of its packs on a PS5.


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