Vanity Lights are among the essential items to have in every home. They can be used to transform bathrooms into tranquil and peaceful spaces in which you can get ready for the day ahead every morning. Everyone enjoys visiting an illuminated bathroom after a long day at work and enjoying the most peaceful and relaxing experience you can get.
There are many choices to pick from, each with a distinct style and taste. Here are some essential details about vanity lights to keep in mind before purchasing one if you are searching for the best night lights then you must see this.

The vanity lights not just illuminate your bathroom but also serve as a distinctive and elegant piece of furniture that needs to complement the style of your home. You can choose from different types for your home and choose one that is appealing to you. The class also affects the durability and quality of the furniture; therefore, you must take note of this.

The Wattage of an LED is an indicator of its power capacity. When you get a higher wattage, you will have more power. Therefore, the light bulb can produce a more bright light. You must select the correct power output based on the dimensions of your bathroom or the area of installation.

The material used for vanity lights in the frame houses the bulbs. Typically, the structure is composed of steel which is the most reliable. You can choose from many different choices like stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. If you’re seeking a more elegant option, it is possible to choose one with glass frames.

This post will discuss the top lighting fixtures for vanity available on the market. Since there are a lot of choices available on the market, you could be confused when you are looking through hundreds of options every day. 

Instead, check our selection of the top vanity lights since we have included a broad range of choices right here. Also, check out our buying guide to help you choose the ideal vanity lighting to learn more about our method to narrow down the best options.

Best Vanity Lights 2022

Best Vanity Lights Reviews

1. Globe Electric Vanity All-in-One Bathroom Set

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vanity lights

Then, we’ll begin our selections with one of the top options for those seeking an all-in-one solution. The next set by Globe Electric is probably the one you’d want to install in your bathroom.

At the top of the list is this set: Globe Electric 50700. The set is an excellent vanity lighting set and a variety of other accessories that go nicely with the overall style. The set includes:

  1. A three-light vanity fixture.
  2. A towel bar.
  3. A toilet paper holder.
  4. A ring.
  5. A robe hook.

The essential pieces are made with the same brushed-steel finish so that you don’t need to purchase another item later on.

In terms of the vanity light itself, it has a classic look with three light fixtures that are still highly regarded by many people. It’s easy to put in and can be done yourself, without any assistance from a professional. If you already have other items, you can buy this set and store the other ones to use in the future. For the vanity lighting, you’ll require the regular E26 60-watt bulbs that are readily accessible.


    • Supports five bulbs
    • 100 watts bulb power capacity
    • The fixture is constructed of glass and gloss chrome.
    • It comes with a five-year warranty.
    • Simple to set up and install.

Pros & Cons

  • The product comes with a limited warranty
  • It supports G9 bulbs, which are simple to replace or remove
  • 35 inches long vanity fixture
  • A little bit on the expensive edge compared to other options.

2. PRESDE Modern Bathroom Vanity Light

vanity lights

If you’ve been searching for a striking and spacious vanity fixture, then this selection is for you. The following selection from Presde is undoubtedly the best vanity fixture for bathrooms with large spaces.

The second option is that we’re going to use on the Presde Modern Vanity Light Fixture. It’s a top choice that falls within a reasonable price compared to other similar options. However, it allows for five bulbs that have the capability of 100 watts; this makes it one of the top alternatives for bathrooms with large spaces. In the rear portion of the wall, there is an e-glass finish, while the remainder of the frame has an elegant chrome stainless steel look.

The modern Presde Vanity Fixture is approximately 35 inches in length, roughly the standard dimensions of a bathroom mirror. Even with this considerable dimension, the fixture is relatively simple to put in. Once you’ve installed this fixture, the only thing you have to do is plug in the power cord, and you’re ready to go. For the light source, you’ll require 6 g( bulbs ) that can also provide dimming options, based on the type of bulb you prefer. Press Modern Vanity Light Fixture Presde Modern Vanity Light Fixture comes with five years of warranty, making it a solid option for long-term usage.


    • Supports five bulbs
    • 100-watt bulb power capacity
    • The fixture is constructed of glass and gloss chrome.
    • It comes with a five-year warranty.
    • It is easy to set up and install.

Pros & Cons

  • The product comes with a limited warranty
  • It supports a G9 bulb that is simple to replace or remove
  • 35 inches long vanity fixture
  • A bit on the expensive side when compared to other options.

3. Hansford Collection Progress Lighting Vanity

vanity lights

Progress Lighting also has a selection of decorative items. They also offer an excellent vanity light fixture that is small but still has the capacity of high-quality lighting bulbs.

In the third spot, a stunning vanity light fixture is created in collaboration with Progress Lighting. The set is part of the Handford Collection, known for its exquisitely made home decor items. This fixture Progress Lighting Vanity Fixture offers support for two massive light bulbs with up to 100 watts in power. The fixture’s design is a classic look popular with vanity lights.

Progress Lighting also offers three color options for its light fixtures: black, golden, and nickel. On the other hand, the lights are large spherical lamps covering a vast space with excellent brightness. The fixture also has a circular backplate for this fixture, along a horizontal bar; the entire institution is finished with a bronze finish that matches the style for the fixtures. Each bulb in this fixture measures around 15 1/2 inches wide in length and 10 7/8 inches tall. The bulbs are available separately from the institution. You can also purchase dimmable light bulbs should you need these.


    • Supports two bulbs
    • 100-watt bulb capacity
    • The fixture is made of steel alloy
    • The product comes with a one-year warranty.
    • Large capacity spherical light bulbs

Pros & Cons

  • One of the most significant capacity vanity fixtures
  • Antique finish for a unique look
  • Three color options are offered
  • The warranty period could have been extended.

4. Bennington Lakeland Bathroom Vanity Light Bar

vanity lights

If you’re also searching for a quality vanity light with two light sources, We have a variety of options that are suitable for you. This choice from Bennington is a good value for money option.
The Bennington Lakeland is a compact but elegant choice for a bathroom light fixture.

It’s also a contemporary design vanity light fixture with an elegant design. It is essentially an aluminium base plate that can support two bulbs with 300-watt power. However, it is possible to install the lights facing either upwards or downwards because of its design, depending on your preferences. This way, you will have the most optimal lighting within your bathroom, based on the installation method.

While the bathroom is among the areas prone to plenty of water, Bennington Lakeland is one of the safest options you will find today. Because the lights are far from your wall, you don’t need to be concerned about internal damage caused by contact with moisture. This Bennington Lakeland vanity fixture supports any regular LED and CFL light bulb with up to 100 watts.

Supports two bulbs
100-watt bulb capacity
The fixture is made of steel
It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
CSA approved vanity light fixture for the bathroom.

Pros & Cons

  • It can be mounted on top or beneath an oblique mirror
  • High capacity light bulbs are supported.
  • Metal and glass are used in the construction.
  • The overall size is not enough for large mirrors with rectangular shapes.

5. DLLT Wall Vanity Light Fixture

DINGLILIGHTING is also popular since thousands of happy customers have purchased its decorative home products. Therefore, the next vanity light fixture by DINGLILIGHTING may be a suitable option when you are on a budget.

If you’re looking for a light fixture for your small vanity at a reasonable price, this DINGLILIGHTING Wall Vanity light fixture is the one for you. This fixture can easily be over an ordinary mirror in the bathroom and is installed quickly. It comes with a steel wall which ensures that the installation is safe and secure for an extended period. It has a typical E26 socket, which means it can be used with the majority of 60 Watts CFL LED, CFL, or incandescent bulbs.

The fixture’s interior has an elegant black matte finish that certainly appears premium in aesthetics and design. The same is true of the metal plate and the curving frame that gives an attractive design to the fixture in general. Alongside the appealing appearance, the matte finish also helps protect the structure from corrosion and rust; there are crystal clear glass tubes to the institution for the light fixtures. DINGLILIGHTING offers an assurance of one year for its DINGLILIGHTING Wall Vanity Light Fixture, which is sure to be helpful in the future.

  • Supports two bulbs
  • 60-watt bulb capacity
  • The fixture is constructed of glass and steel.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has a retro style featuring clear glass cylinders to provide illumination.

Pros & Cons

  • The exposed candle bars make it easier to set up the lights
  • The brand offers a 30 days return period for quality issues
  • The matte black finish of the frame gives it stunning looks and protection against corrosion
  • The warranty period could be longer.

6. Mirrea 48in Modern LED Vanity Light

It can be pretty tricky to change the bulbs differently if the bulbs on your vanity lights are damaged. Therefore, we have put the top option made by Mirrea on our list of choices that have a distinct source of light.

In contrast to other choices on our list, unlike other options, the Mirrea LED Vanity Light offers the capability of a 46 watt LED tube instead of the individual light bulb. It is possible to imagine that it can provide the highest lighting levels and a wide area after setting it up at the right place. While the unit can support 48-inch LED tubes, the fixture is very compact and occupies a small amount of the space of the box.

Its Mirrea Lighting LEDVanity Fixture comes with TRIAC dimming switches so that you can quickly alter the brightness levels of this dimmable tube. It is also possible to change the direction of light through the fixture itself. Since this Mirrea LED Vanity Light fixture supports LED lighting, you’ll be able to enjoy instant lighting as soon as you activate your light switches. In terms of appearance, the institution is made of an acrylic cover frosted over the body of stainless steel. Because it is incredibly robust, the company provides a lifetime guarantee for Mirrea LED Vanity Light. Mirror Light. LED Vanity Light.

  • It supports one long tube
  • Capacity 46 watts
  • The fixture is constructed by stainless steel, acrylic and
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Frosted acrylic cover over the body of stainless steel

Pros & Cons

  • Reliable fixtures for vanity lighting
  • Switches that dim for quicker access to features for dimming
  • Up to 48 inches of LED tubes
  • It could not be bright enough for small bathrooms

7. KSANA Gold Bathroom Vanity Light

Three lights are trendy for vanity lighting. The second fixture designed by Ksana has the same look and the vintage design that is the primary choice for many home decorators.
KSANA Gold Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture is a top choice and is ideal for those who want to set up the most attractive vanity lighting.

 It features a stunning design with a metal backplate accompanied by curved handles, which help hold the light bulbs’ covers in their place. Every KSANA Gold Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture can support three lights that have the power of 60W.

In contrast to other mass-produced options, unlike other ready-made options, the KSANA gold Bath Vanity Light Fixture is painted hand with a gold-coloured coating which gives you an authentically antique-looking work of art for your home. The light fixture’s dimension is suitable for most applications since the spheres measure 5inches in diameter and 9.8 inches high.

 The institution is 22 by 7.1 9.1 inches. 9.1 inches, so fitting shouldn’t be a challenge for the user. Additionally, this KSANA Gold Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture is already assembled in the box. All you have to do is locate the most suitable location to install it and place it there.

Supports three bulbs
60-watt bulb capacity
The fixture is constructed of steel
The warranty is two years.
Helps E26 Base type of A 60 watt light bulbs

Pros & Cons

  • A hand-painted fixture that has a genuinely distinctive appearance
  • Supports dimmable light bulbs
  • It is pre-assembled and packaged in the box.
  • Expensive option for the given size and specifications

8. Ralbay Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

Ralbay also offers a beautiful bathroom lighting set that is perfect for all households. The next option is an elegant design and three lights.

Its Ralbay Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light is another option when you are looking for a luxurious fixture priced within a reasonable price. There are three colours available for the institution: black, gold, and chrome. The Ralbay Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light has the standard E26 socket, which makes it suitable for most regular light bulbs. Although it’s less expensive than the previous one, it isn’t compromising that are made in terms of the build quality.

Its Ralbay Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light is made of high-end metal with an iron core paint that will last for a longer time and provide a greater level of security against rust on the framework. The lights will be encased in a premium transparent lampshade, which provides 360-degree lighting. It has an internal wiring system, so you don’t have to fret about replacing or installing the lighting. The unit also features a UL-certified design to ensure security.

  • Supports three bulbs
  • 180-watt bulb power capacity
  • The fixture is constructed of glass and metal
  • UL certified design
  • All-round-lighting 360 degrees

Pros & Cons

  • Lampshades are very appealing because of their transparent design.
  • Comparatively less expensive than comparable options
  • The product comes with USA standard installation back-plates.
  • It’s not as reliable as other alternatives

9. XiNBEi Bathroom Vanity Light

XiNBEi is the cheapest option compared to any other choice we’ve included up to now. But, it is designed to only work with one light, which could be the ideal fit for your needs.
This XiNBEi Light Wall Sconce is an excellent option compared to the various bathroom fixtures we’ve seen to date.

 It is designed to be only one light, which you can put in your bathroom if there’s not enough space for fixtures. Additionally, you could buy a set of two institutions to create the ideal configuration for the style of your bathroom. The fixture itself is wired and comes with a circular transparent glass shade that diffuses light to provide even light.

For the design, it’s simple and timeless. The contemporary sconce style is metallic with light sconces with white shades. You can install a 60-watt medium base bulb inside the sconce without issues. You can put in CFL LED, CFL or incandescent bulbs without any wiring required whatsoever. XiNBEi backs the product with a one-year warranty that is sufficient for the price range.

  • Supports one bulb
  • 60-watt bulb capacity
  • The fixture is constructed of steel
  • The product comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The light source is 6 1/8 inches away from the wall.

Pros & Cons

  • The most affordable choice on this list
  • Design for transition and class
  • The medium-light socket base
  • It’s probably not the best choice for bathrooms with large spaces

10. Kichler Brinley Vanity Light

The final decision is that we’re showing a vanity fixture by Kichler. Although the vanity fixture is a top alternative, its style and style is certainly worth the price.

The last but not last one there is our Kichler Lighting Brinley vanity fixture. It’s also a 3- light vanity light fixture with the classiness of a retro style. This fixture measures approximately 24 inches, and it has three bulbs with 75 watts. Because the design isn’t so large, you can place the institution over or beneath your bathroom mirror without a doubt.

The light bulb has a transparent glass casing fitted to the fixture, which provides stunning ambient lighting throughout the space. The light from Kichler Lighting is compatible with mild E26 light bulbs with 75 Watts power. Since the power output is high, you will enjoy a decent light level even with just three light bulbs. This fixture is suitable for bathrooms with a lot of space. Kichler offers one year of warranty for the institution.

  • Three bulbs are supported.
  • 75-watt bulb capacity
  • The fixture is made of steel alloy
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Standard E26 light bulbs

Pros & Cons

  • Retro design, with the transparent case for the lights
  • Golden colour for an elegant appearance
  • Twenty-four inches is the size of the fixture.
  • The warranty’s duration is too long for the price range.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Light

UL Rating

When you are looking for bathroom lighting fixtures, it is essential to verify that the light has been UL Listed for use in humid or wet areas. This means the item has been tested by a third-party company called Underwriters Laboratories, which deemed the light suitable for use in wet or damp places. Since bathrooms can be very humid, it’s essential to choose fixtures that can endure this amount of moisture.


When you are comparing light fixtures, be sure to take into consideration the amount of light they’ll produce within your bathroom. If the light comes with an LED bulb that is integrated be sure to check the number of lumens it produces. In general, you’ll need about 7,000 lumens for a bathroom of moderate size. If you’re purchasing a light that doesn’t have light bulbs, take a look at the number of bulbs it houses as well as the maximum wattage of each bulb.


Bathroom lights can be equipped with helpful options, such as the ability to work with dimmer switches, or the ability to control the temperature of their light. There are also smart lights that can be controlled by your smartphone. Keep in mind that these functions often push the cost of lighting and you’ll need to ensure that you’re paying for features you actually need.

Buying Guide For The Best Vanity Lights

Lights are among the most commonly used pieces of equipment that you need to install in your office or at home. However, several kinds of lighting have a greater purpose than simply lighting the area surrounding them. The lights for a vanity, for instance, are made so that they give a good light source, along with an appealing and attractive style. We’ve listed the top vanity lighting you can find on the marketplace right now in this article.

Additionally, we’ve included a brief description of each light, so you will have an understanding of what you will be purchasing before placing your order. You will get it from our buying guide for the most effective vanity lights listed below if you require additional information. In this guide, we’ll look at the significant aspects of these lights and suggest how to choose the most suitable lights according to your needs.


The style and design of the vanity light is one of the most significant aspects and is perhaps more important than the level of illumination. As you can see, a bathroom vanity light is mostly an ornamental piece used to improve the bathroom’s appearance. Therefore, it is essential to choose the most attractive design that fits within the budget of your office or home.

In addition to the appearance of the design, it is also a factor in general compatibility for the fixture. It will give you an idea of the amount the lighting set will cost and how many fixtures you can put onto the fixture. Apart from that, the style of the fixture should have attractive colours that are appropriate for its use. Usually, golden, black or silver-coloured vanity light fixtures with shiny finishes are the most popular choices in the market.

2:Colour Temperature

The colour temperature of the vanity light is an essential element as it determines the atmosphere that it creates when it’s turned on. While some lights provide an icy white glow, others are designed to provide a warmer glow with a yellowish hue. While most manufacturers offer both versions of the same model, some brands have both options within the same package.

If additional alternatives aren’t accessible, you can switch the lights to the colour you prefer and enjoy the most pleasant experience with your vanity lighting. In general, cool white lights are best for everyday tasks because they provide a more bright and natural light. However, the warm white hue is typically gentle for the eyes and lets you relax more in the bathroom.

3:Wattage Capacity

The wattage capacity refers to the power of light to generate light. It’s easy to see that bulbs with higher wattage will require more electricity. However, it is sure to shine brighter than low wattage alternatives. In the end, take note that the bulb with the most watts isn’t always the most effective option. If the lighting is bright enough, it could be challenging to use in the dark.

However, If the light isn’t sufficient in brightness, you’ll require additional lighting for adequate lighting to every corner within your bathroom. For the most efficient results, consider the size of your bathroom and purchase a suitable vanity lighting set. It is also best to choose low-watt light bulbs if the vanity permits three to five light fixtures. You can still opt for a more powerful light bulb if you’re buying an accessory for your vanity that can accommodate just one light bulb.

4:Build Quality

We also recommend that you examine the construction quality of the light before making your final choice. The quality of the build is easily assessed by checking the materials used to construct the light. In general, fixtures made of alloy steel or metal last for the longest time. However, there are innovative and modern options today that consist of glass or plastic.

While these alternatives may look much more appealing, you can’t rely on their construction quality to last for a long time. Additionally, it is also essential to ensure that the frame of your vanity light is water-proof since it will eventually come into contact with water or humidity within the atmosphere. Many manufacturers are now offering the IP rating for vanity lights, which will give you an idea of the level of water resistance provided by the vanity light.


Q. What is the maximum brightness of an ordinary light be?

Generally speaking, vanity lights must have 1600 lumens in their rating. But, the requirements cannot be identical for all uses. If your bathroom isn’t large, you could choose a less powerful option and still have the desired light. However, larger bathrooms may require two lights to ensure sufficient illumination. It is recommended to purchase an assortment of vanity lights that provide enough light to complete your daily bathroom tasks.

Q. Where do I place the vanity light?

The ideal location to install vanity lights is above the mirror in the bathroom. This provides lighting throughout the bathroom and offers better visibility when using the mirror. If you’re purchasing an entire vanity lighting set that includes one fixture, you could put it a few inches higher than your mirror with no problem. Remember that the fixture and bulbs should not be directly in front of the mirror since they will reflect light that might not appear as attractive.

Q. Which colour do I choose for my vanity light?

The colour of light you choose to light a vanity lamp depends on your taste. Most people like bright white colours to have a clearer vision. Others prefer a warm white hue since it is gentler on the eyes. Most companies offer both colour choices when choosing an assortment of vanity lights. Even if you do not like the shade, you could change the bulbs in colour you love the most in the future.


Finding the ideal vanity lighting for your home or office is undoubtedly challenging. You will first need to go through many options on markets until you discover the design that appeals to you. It would help determine the compatibility of brightness and size before making your final decision. Luckily, we’ve already done the hard step by providing you with the top vanity lighting right here.

All you have to do now is pick the ideal choice for your needs from our selection. If you need additional assistance, check our buying guide to help you choose the top vanity lights. You can also look over our suggestions that are based on a variety of factors.

  • If you’re not sure if you have any particular preference for lights for the vanity, We suggest you go with¬†the XiNBEi Wall Sconce¬†since it’s the least expensive choice on our list right now. It’s one bathroom vanity light that is a basic yet stylish fixture mounted directly onto the wall. Because it’s only one light, you can put it everywhere within your bathroom. You may also consider the same alternative to create the ambience you prefer if you want to.
  • This fixture, the¬†modern PRESIDE bathroom Vanity Light on the other hand, is the top choice on our list right now regarding both style and lighting. It is a fixture made for five light sources, making it an ideal choice for mirrors with large sizes. The institution has an elegant chrome finish at the front that further enhances its appearance. The lights are only a G9 led light source that is easy to install or change if you need to.
  • If you’ve recently moved to a new location and are just beginning to decorate, then we recommend you go for Globe Electric 50700.¬†Globe Electric 50700.¬†is a complete bathroom set that will fit in with any. The set comes with three-light vanity light, a towel bar toilet paper holder towel ring and a hanging robe hook. Each of these accessories comes with a polished steel finish that is stunning under bright lighting. For the style of this fixture, the company has chosen a classic look for the institution that is favoured by a lot of users.