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The 5 Best Laser Keyboards Reviews and Buying Guide


best laser keyboards

These are real, and you can use them to transform your mobile device into a fully-fledged laptop/computer. A best laser keyboards, straight out of sci-fi movies, is futuristic and probably one of the most valuable gadgets of this decade.

A best laser keyboards is innovative in its operation. It projects the keys on a solid surface (basically, a hologram). It doesn’t require physical keys to press down, and it is small enough for you to hold in your hand.

Best laser keyboards are still in development, despite being a relatively new technology. Although they may look cool, many available products stop working or fade after a few days. It is possible to confuse good and bad products by mixing them.

We will review, list down, and review the top Best Laser Keyboards. This list was compiled based on many factors. These are the three key factors you should be aware of.


best laser keyboards

These best laser keyboards are Bluetooth-connected in large part. A few models also support USB connectivity. You can choose the type of connectivity you prefer, depending on what device you use.

best laser keyboards

It would be best if you first considered the battery life. Because the device is wireless, it must last for more extended periods. The battery must have enough power. Your usage would be satisfied with a minimum of 800 mAH to 1,000 mAH.

best laser keyboards

Also, make sure the device is sufficiently versatile. These best laser keyboards include great extra features like makeshift laser mouse pads and Bluetooth speakers.
These are just three of the many pieces of information you might find helpful before making a purchase decision. All of these are included in the section of this article. It would be best if you also took the time to read that section.

In addition to these three points, however, additional information could convince you to make an investment decision.

 We’ve included them all within the “Buying Guide” section of this article. Make sure you read that the time to read.

Let’s get started to review the top and most effective Best Laser Keyboards to buy

Best Laser Keyboards

The best laser keyboards is used for gaming, you can use these best laser keyboards for PCs.
In the below table you will also find the best laser keyboards under $500.

Laser KeyboardsBattery LifeSpecial specsBuy Now
Serafim Laser Keyboard2,000 mAH1. Round keystroke friendly layout

2. Virtual studio support to play

music instruments

3. Acts as a powerbank too
Heartbeat Laser Keyboard2500 mAH1. Mouse mode and Keyboard mode

2. 5 adjustable sound levels

3. 4 brightness levels
XYZLEO Wireless Laser Keyboard700 mAH1. In-built mouse

2. Bluetooth HID connection

3. Recognition rate is 350 words per minute
Ags Laser Keyboard1,000 mAH1. 350 characters per

minute average

type speed

2. Virtual Mouse Mode
SHOWME Laser KeyboardN.A1. Upgraded version

2. Provided clarity even under brightness

Top 5 Best Laser Keyboards Reviews

1. SERAFIM Best Laser Keyboards

The next item on our list is a very flexible Bluetooth virtual keyboard with numerous capabilities. Does Serafim Keybo come with a highly unique and user-friendly layout?

Although most best laser keyboards feature an unbending and square key layout, the Serafim Keybo has a basic circular design. This increases the accuracy of keystrokes and improves the overall experience.

In addition to the traditional keyboard layouts, you could use them for a piano layout. Its large battery capacity can let you charge your mobiles, too.

Best Features

  • Lightweight design and a versatile laser projector with a lot of brightness. Much smaller than half of a smartphone.
  • Round essential design with a unique layout enhances its QWERTY Layout for better and efficient keystrokes.
  • It supports the virtual Studio featuring more than four keyboard layouts of musical instruments. Using the in-app feature, you can play the guitar, piano, bass, or even drums.
  • With a huge battery capacity, The keyboard has an impressive 2,000 mAh Battery capacity. This will provide you with at least the equivalent of 10 hours of typing time
  • With its reverse charge feature, it is possible to use this keyboard as a power bank. You can use it to charge your mobile phone as well.
  • It can function as a stand for mobile devices can be used as a portable stand. The device comes with an attached clamp that will hold your phone and act as a stand as you utilize it as a display to write on.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent product that has received highly favorable reviews
  • It is extremely versatile, beneficial, and feature-rich.
  • Super long battery
  • Effective keyboard layout
  • It can also double to be a musical instrument.
  • There is no Bluetooth speaker
  • There is no mouse cursor feature

2. HEART BEAT Best Laser Keyboards

The next item to our wish list the Heartbeat’s best laser keyboards. It comes with sophisticated features that enhance the user experience. The keyboard has a Qwerty layout with round keys that stop users from accidentally using the wrong keys.

The keyboard comes with various customizing options to ensure the most excellent convenience. You can choose between two modes and alter the brightness and volume levels. It utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 to connect.

In addition to the usual features, The laser keyboard also comes with a rechargeable battery that users can recharge their phone or other gadgets.

Best Features

  • Qwerty’s design with a calculated round key reduces typing errors and increases accuracy.
  • Two modes are available – Keyboard mode and mouse mode. It is possible to change to mouse mode by hitting the “incline” key, which changes the brightness to low.
  • Five sound levels can be adjusted. Use the “Fn” key and press the “right” Arrow key to raise the excellent volume. Press your “Fn” key and press the “left” key to lower the sound level.
  • Four levels of brightness. Press 4 keys of intelligence. Hold the “FN” button and then press the “up” button to increase the brightness. Press your “Fn” key and then press the “down” Arrow key to reduce the brightness.
  • The intelligent standby function shuts off the projector automatically after you stand it up at an angle.
  • The device supports Bluetooth connection 3.0, which is compatible with all the latest operating systems, including Windows 7 and later, iOS and later, and Android 4.0 and later.
  • A high-quality lithium-ion cell with 2500 mAh can charge your power and other devices using the USB port.

Pros & Cons

  • Effective keyboard design to improve accuracy
  • It comes with Keyboard mode as well as Mouse mode.
  • Many customizable options
  • The device supports Bluetooth connection 3.0.
  • It acts as an emergency power bank, rechargeable battery
  • Doesn’t support wired connectivity.
  • iOS support issues

3. XYZLEO Wireless Laser Projection

XYZLEO is a relatively new brand to the market. However, they’ve been providing high-quality and trustworthy products.

The Wireless Laser Projector is an excellent option for anyone searching for a budget-friendly but worthwhile option.

Best Features

  • It comes with built-in mouse capabilities. It works with all devices except iOS. It is connected via Bluetooth.
  • It comes with a rechargeable premium lithium-ion battery
  • It can be used with Bluetooth HID without installing an additional driver.
  • It is equipped with a designed key that is carefully thought out, so it is unlikely that you press it accidentally.
  • The design is compact and light, making it easy to transport it to wherever you’d like.
  • The indicator for charging LEDs is used to determine if the charging is completed or ongoing.
  • The battery’s capacity is 700mAH, which can last for around 120 minutes, which is enough.
  • The recognition rate of 350 words per minute.

Pros & Cons

  • A layout with Qwerty keys for typing
  • Good battery life
  • Bright projection
  • Use only when lighting is dim or in dark conditions.

4. AGS Best Laser Keyboards

AGS is a wireless laser projection Bluetooth keyboard. AGS Wireless Laser Projector Bluetooth keyboard is nearly similar to the MOJO wireless keyboard.

However, unlike the MOJO keyboards, this is not covered by the warrantied timeframe.

Best Features

  • It is simple to pair and operate. It can be used with nearly all Operating Systems tablets, smartphones, and PCs.
  • It comes with Bluetooth as well as USB Connectivity. The USB cable to connect the device is hidden inside the box.
  • Has a decent 350 characters per minute keystroke speed
  • 100 mm x 240mm keyboard layout size with a maximum distance of 100 millimeters away from the hole for projection on the device.
  • 3.3 hours of runtime for a charge of 2 hours thanks to the good 1,000 mg lithium polymer size.
  • It can also be converted into mouse mode by using the function keys.

Pros & Cons

  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Good connectivity
  • Decent battery
  • Keystroke recognition issues with certain devices

5. SHOWME Best Laser Keyboards

This brand is last brand of ours list. This brand called SHOWME, this brand is good and trustable brand.
This brand is famous because this brand makes a best laser keyboards for their costumers.

Best Features

  • The new version is guaranteed to last.
  • It is easy to pair with laptops, smartphones, tablets, and iOS.
  • It provides clarity even in the presence of bright and intense sunlight.
  • Must be placed on a transparent, clean, flat, and non-reflective surface.
  • You needn’t worry about the possibility of interruption.
  • Wirelessly connected, so no wire limitations.

Pros & Cons

  • Good battery life
  • More accurate recognition
  • English QWERTY layout
  • There must be no objects with a circumference of fewer than 5 centimeters.

A Guide to Buying How to Choose A High-Quality best Laser Keyboards

The laser keyboards have a relatively recent technology and, therefore, there aren’t many high-quality products on the market. Compact, small and compatible with all devices with the Bluetooth keyboard, they differ from other keyboards in how they function.

With this guide to buying, we will answer some basic questions like what laser keys mean, what they are, and things similar to that. We’ll also be looking at some important factors to consider when buying a laser keyboard.

What Is Laser Keyboards?

Best laser keyboards are not keyless and use the holograms of the keyboard as opposed to solid keys to creating keystrokes.

Unlike traditional keyboards with physical keypads, Best laser keyboards come with an electronic keyboard projected onto a solid surface and contain all keys. Tap on the key project, and the key is tapped continuously.

They are compact and nearly always smaller than smartphones. They’re flexible, and most of them work with a variety of smart devices.

How Do Laser Keyboards Work?

Best laser keyboards function with the projection of lasers in holograms onto keyboards. It is easy to install and use. They typically use USB and Bluetooth, and other Wireless types of connectivity.

To make a laser keyboard function, you require a flat area, and it is placed on top of it. Suppose the device is powered on the laser hole within the keyboard to project an image of the keyboard onto an even surface. From the top of the device, an arc of light will be projected on the flat surface. It is just a little larger than the image.

All you need is to type the keyboard using a standard keyboard. The laser monitors any movements on the projected keyboard outline, converts them into actual keystrokes, and sends them to the display.

Important Factors to Take Note Of when purchasing a laser keyboard

Since best laser keyboards are not a brand new technology, we’ve put together a list of key factors that you may want to consider when purchasing one.

best laser keyboards

Best laser keyboards are typically small, compact, and hand-held in size. They can store energy in an essential aspect that determines their efficiency level. This is because you’d not want to lose the power of your keyboard in the middle of typing.

Standard best laser keyboards have a battery capacity between 800 and approximately 1000 mAH. They can last for up to hours at a time without flickering or low batteries. More is always better.

best laser keyboards

The next factor to look at when buying best laser keyboards is their compatibility with most devices. The majority of these keyboards come with Bluetooth connectivity and thus are suitable for almost all phones, laptops, and more.

Some include USB connectivity; you could connect them to a computer desktop in a breeze. This is another area where your choice will largely depend on the connection method you select for your device and where you’re likely to be using the device.

best laser keyboards

Since this is a virtual keyboard projected onto the flat surface, the screen’s brightness is of paramount importance. Choose a keyboard that has the brightest shine and, additionally, adjustable brightness settings must be available.

This lets you have the option of adjusting the brightness down or up by the lighting conditions in the space that you’re typing in. This is an excellent feature for typing in daylight.

best laser keyboards

A handy option, a majority of best laser keyboards have an auto-sleep feature. The keyboard is put in a low-power mode when you’re not using it while not restarting the device each time you have to type.

Auto sleep is also equipped with other features, such as the auto-brightness feature that dims the light on your keyboard when you’re not working. The brightness returns to complete when you return to the keyboard. Just move your finger, and the device will be back working.

best laser keyboards

While it’s not an essential or exciting feature, a few best laser keyboards come with an optional mouse function.

It’s a simple projection of mouse controls to the area where your keyboard is. This is a good idea for those using desktops but not smartphones or laptops.

best laser keyboards

Although not a principal function, many of these keyboards include tiny speakers that fit inside them, mimicking the sound of keys when typing.

However, some best laser keyboards utilize the speaker’s Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to make use of it as an extra Bluetooth speaker. An excellent device and helpful, but not essential.

Best laser keyboards are programmable to be used for different purposes, such as mimicking piano keys as well.

Different from one model to the next, some of these keyboards allow you to play a piano keyboard to practice in other formats, too (changing the keyboard format and more)

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. How Fast Can You Type With A Laser Keyboard?

The answer: Standard type speed of the best laser keyboards is around 400 words per minute. This is the standard speed. However, the precise and accurate amount is dependent on your typing abilities.

Because the keyboard is a projected model, your typing block could differ from a regular keyboard. This can affect your final speed of typing. Be sure to take these into your decision-making process before deciding whether this is a suitable choice for you.

2. Can You use a Laser Keyboard For Gaming?

Ans: No. Although they appear futuristic, they are designed to be compact, and most of them do not have an adequate response. 

Because of this, and the reality that you don’t have much key travel or wiggle room (which is essential for quick fingers in gaming), virtual best Laser keyboards aren’t suited to gaming.

3. Which type of beam is used by the virtual keyboard?

Answer: Laser virtual keyboards use invisible infrared beams beneath that virtual design.

If a user makes an action using the virtual keyboard, the finger’s movement can break the infrared beam and is reflected in the projector’s micro infrared filter. 

This aids in recognizing the keys that are typed into.

4. What are the advantages of a virtual keyboard?

Answer: The IBM Engineers were the first to design the virtual keyboard. It was created to safeguard the confidentiality of passwords and sensitive information from hijacking spyware or trojan horse software that could steal the information typed on the keyboard of a traditional.

Although virtual keyboards can significantly lower the chance of theft of passwords and personal data breaches, the mobility and convenience that the keyboard provides is an additional benefit of using a digital keyboard.

Laser keyboard Advantages


  • Lasers that emit Biological Hazards cause bodily harm through temperatures caused by absorption of energy and photochemical reactions. The leading cause of damage is based on the intensity of radiation and the tissues that are being exposed. To reduce the risk of dangers from lasers, the damage is thought to be caused by thermal effects. The crucial organs that are at risk include the eye and the skin. (Source)
  •  Skin is the biggest organ in the body and, consequently, it is the most at the chance of coming into touch with the beam of laser. The most likely skin areas susceptible to exposure include the head, hands or arms.

    Lasers may cause skin damage through thermal or photochemical burns. Depending on the wavelength of the laser, the beam can penetrate the dermis and epidermis. 

    The epidermis is the most outer living layer of the skin. Far and mid-ultraviolet (the acting UV) are absorption in the epidermis. Sunburns (reddening and blistering) can result from exposure of just a few minutes to the UV beam

    Exposure to UV can be associated with the likelihood of developing skin cancer and premature ageing (wrinkles and wrinkles) in the body. (Source)


Its Serafim Laser Keyboard offers various functions and an exclusive keystroke-friendly round layout. Additionally, it comes with a great small size and, more importantly, it has four musical arrangements for instruments.

This means it’s no longer only a keyboard; it can also be your bass, piano guitar, or drums.

In addition, its massive battery with 2,000 mAH provides you up to 10 hours of running time and, if you want to be a little more flexible or not, you can also make use of it as a power source to power your phone. 

It also functions in the capacity of a portable stand. It is rated highly by customers, and these elements add up, making it among the top virtual laser keyboards you can purchase.

Although these were our picks and our thoughts, we are confident that you have some fantastic views of your own. Did we leave out something? Do you want us to edit or remove any information? 

Have you got an idea that you would like to ask us? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us via the comment section below. Our team will respond to you as quickly as it is possible.


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