Best Horizontal PC Case Reviews in 2023

    If you’re building your PC, you can have the choice of picking the case you’d like and then choosing the accessories that work with it. So, there’s plenty of choice with regards to PC cases. Horizontal PC cases are available in different forms and styles. In many cases, people prefer more minor cases due to the installation and space limitations.
    If you’re looking for a horizontal PC case is an alternative. Although these cases come with an increased footprint, their height is within 10 inches, making them suitable for large-capacity PC components that fit into a smaller dimension. These are the essential characteristics of a horizontal PC case you must bear in mind before purchasing one.

    Compatible Motherboards

    A PC case is just suitable for your design if it’s suitable for the motherboard you want to use. There are comprehensive motherboard options, even in factors like ITX ATX, Micro ATX Mini ITX, and more. The cases are made to work with just some of these motherboard types, so be sure that your motherboard is on the list of compatible motherboards for the case,


    One of the main reasons to choose a horizontal PC case over a traditional vertical model is the dimensions of the box. Before purchasing a horizontal PC case, it is essential to be sure that the size of the case horizontally will fit in the space you have available on your desk. You may have already guessed that horizontal PC cases can save lots of room in height. However, they require a lot more area in length and width.

    CPU Cooler and GPU compatibility

    Other than the motherboard itself, you have to verify the compatibility of your case with the cooler for your CPU and graphics card. It’s even more essential since the new version of GPUs are huge in dimensions. In terms of cooling the CPU, we may be aware that high-capacity air CPU coolers are enormous. In addition, since the top of the horizontal computer case is already tiny, the compatibility of these coolers with larger CPU coolers can be even tighter.

    Although the features mentioned above are among the most crucial aspects of the PC case, you have to learn more before making the one you choose.

    It isn’t necessary to search through hundreds of choices available in the market because we’ve already compiled the top horizontal PC cases here. We’ll also provide much more about the main characteristics that a case for PCs should have the next time in our buying guide for the top PC cases for horizontal use and accessories, so be sure to keep an eye out for the guide.

    Best Horizontal PC Case Reviews

    1. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

    horizontal pc case
    Image credit Amazon


    • ATX PC form factor case
    • Measures 16.7 inches x 17.4 13 inches in dimension
    • Included are two durable trifle case fans
    • Seven expansion slot machines are included.
    • The handles are rigid on the sides for easy transport

    You may already have heard of Cooler Master if you have any previous experience designing custom PCs. Cooler Master has various peripherals besides PC cases like Thermal coolers, power supplies, CPU coolers, and more.

    In the top spot with among the top renowned brands on the market. Its Cooler Master XB EVO can be described as a more prominent option compared to the other horizontal PC cases. The case measures 16.7 x 17.4 13 inches and is perfect for a large-capacity computer build. As it is a vertical case, it could also make it a test bench to try out different configurations quickly.

    The case comes with two very durable trifle cases to provide excellent airflow.
    In terms of compatibility, It case is an ATX case. This means it’s compatible with virtually all standard PC components and motherboards.

    The CPU cooler is the most common, and you’ll have a tolerance range that can go up to 180 millimeters, while the GPU compatibility can go from 334 mm to 334 mm. You could install the Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU in this space, the most prominent GPU on the market. In terms of storage, you’ll receive four slots in which you can put either the HDD or SSD. The front panel for I/O, the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO, comes with two USB 3.0 ports and docks that can be X-shaped.

    • Excellent airflow
    • Versatile configuration
    • Easy access and maintenance
    • Support for large components
    • Modular design
    • Carry handles
    • Dust filters
    • Bulky design
    • Limited liquid cooling support
    • Challenging cable management
    • Challenging cable management
    • Outdated front I/O
    • Limited drive bays

    2. SilverStone Grandia Series Aluminum HTPC Case


    • Form factor PC case ATX
    • Measures 09 by 17.32 6.69 inches in size. 6.69 inches in dimensions.
    • Positive air pressure design
    • Supports up to 309 mm GPUs
    • Quick access filters come with case

    SilverStone can also be a well-known brand in PC case cases, particularly for cases made for mid-range PCs. The horizontal PC case made by SilverStone comes with a variety of fantastic features at a low price. In the second place in the 2nd position, we will place the SilverStone SSICEB PC case.

    Since it is a horizontal PC case, it is sized approximately 14.09 inches x 17.32 and 6.69 inches, which is substantially smaller than most alternatives. However, Silverstone has still managed to provide superior efficiency in airflow thanks to an air pressure system. The case is also clean and quiet. An ATX PC case can also hold up to 309mm of graphics cards. It is therefore ideal for a gaming computer with a premium design.

    Even with the budget-friendly price of the SilverStone SSICEB, it has an aluminum chassis that is built to the highest quality in this category. It can be fitted with 2.5 and 3.5 inches of storage into this case. This model can accommodate 120 mm standard fans in terms of a cooling fan. This might not be the first option for you, considering that 240mm fans are more efficient. However, the SilverStone SSICEB comes with eight expansion slots to accommodate any PCIe accessories you’ll need in the future.

    3. Fractal Design Black Mini-ITX Computer Case


    • Mini ATX form factor PC case
    • Measures 07 x 14.84 x 3.46 inches in size
    • Slimmest horizontal PC case
    • Comes with a PCIe 3.0 riser card
    • Features an enclosed 450 watts SFX PSU

    Instead of flashy and colorful designs, most users prefer an elegant PC case for a simple desktop computer. If you have the same style, you should look at the following selection by Fractal Design.

    Fractal Designs is one of the lesser-known brands in our current selection. You might want to consider this case for your PC since it’s a smaller and lower-cost alternative to an upright PC case. Fractal Design Node 202 Fractal Design Node 202 is specifically designed for small ITX motherboards and is the perfect choice for small PCs. The case itself measures 13.07 x 14.84 and 3.46 inches in dimensions, making it the tiniest horizontal PC case you could purchase. However, it can still support up to 310mm GPUs. That’s impressive.

    In terms of its thermal layout, you’ll be required to steer clear of substantial air coolers since the height of the case is 3.46 inches. There are two USB ports in the front I/O port in the box, of which there is a high-speed USB 3.0 port. The case will not be compatible with all ordinary Power Supply Units. Fractal Designs is offering an integrated SFX PSU with 450 watts. Also, you can choose from a wide range of choices for case fans in Fractal Designs’ Fractal Designs case fans series that are compatible with Node 202.

    4. GOLDEN FIELD N-1 Mini ITX Gaming PC Case


    • PC case with form factor ITX
    • Dimensions: 24 by 12.6 7.87 inches in size. 7.87 inches in dimension
    • Full mesh panel on front
    • Supports GPUs with 270mm lengths
    • 120mm liquid cooling radiators are supplied

    When we talk about budget-friendly alternatives and options for budget-conscious consumers, let us introduce you to the following product that comes from GOLDEN FIELD. If you’re not acquainted with this brand GOLDEN FIELD is also an expert in computer cases and offers many options available in all budgets.

    The next one is our pick of the GOLDEN FIELD N-1. It’s the cheapest alternative on our top horizontal PC cases list. It is also smaller than an ITX PC with 10.24 x 12.6 7.87 7.87 inches of dimensions. As you may have noticed, the case has an unusual cubic design instead of the typical rectangular design. However, it features a fully-fleshed front panel for efficient airflow inside the case. In terms of compatibility of components, there is no need to fret as GOLDEN FIELD N-1 GOLDEN FIELD N-1 can accommodate up to 270mm GPUs and 120mm liquid-cooling radiators.

    GOLDEN FIELD N-1 is GOLDEN FIELD N-1 can also be used with up to 160mm tall CPU coolers. This includes the majority of high-capacity CPU air coolers available on the market. Thanks to the mini-tower design, GOLDEN FIELD has managed to provide only two storage options inside the case: the one 3.5 inches HDD and a 2.5 inches SSD slot. Even the connectivity options offered by GOLDEN FIELD N-1 GOLDEN FIELD N-1 are not as good as other models since you get only one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port.

    5. Fractal Design Black Mini-ITX Computer Case

    horizontal pc case

    Image credit Amazon


    • Mini ATX form factor PC case
    • Size 7 by 18.2 13 inches in dimension
    • One of the thinnest horizontal PC cases
    • This product comes complete with PCIe 3.0 raiser card
    • It comes with a 500 watt SFX PSU

    Fractal Designs also offer an alternative for those searching for a higher-height vertical PC. The option below from Fractal Designs belongs to their premium PC case.

    This Fractal Design Node 202 has an alternative design, measuring around 5.7 inches x 18.2 13 inches in dimensions. As you can see, it has some more tolerance to CPU coolers and is a good choice for most users. In terms of style, this case is essentially the same as our previous choice and has the same minimalist design that is perfect for a simple PC build. It’s also a mini ITX PC case equipped with a PCIe 3.0 riser card that supports up to 310mm GPUs.

    As with the previous model we reviewed by Fractal Design, this PC case also has an SFX power supply of 450 watts within the box. The PSU is designed explicitly for this Node 202 PC case, which means it comes with special cables that can be very helpful when assembling. The case’s design is adaptable, and you can utilize the case both vertically and horizontally with no issues. The inside of the box has been constructed so that all components are provided with uniform airflow to ensure optimal performance.

    6. Cryorig Taku Monitor Stand Mini ITX PC Case


    • Form factor PC case
    • Measures 2 2. 22.44 Measures 2 x 22.44 5.59 inches in dimension
    • Provides storage drive slots that can accommodate 2 2.5 inches SSDs and one 3.5 inches HDD
    • Supports up to 280 mm GPUs
    • Doubles as a stand for a monitor

    While horizontal PC cases have nearly the exact specifications in terms of technical specs like a conventional PC case, many patients lack appearance and aesthetics. But, this one from Cryorig has an attractive design and is perfect for the price.

    To complete our list of the best PC cases for horizontal use, we present this Cryorig Taku flat PC case. The case is made to work with smaller ITX configurations and measures around 12.2 and 22.44 and 5.59 inches in dimension. However, it can be used with a full-sized GPU that can reach 280 millimeters in length. It also has a system tray quickly taken out to peek inside the cabinet.

    This Cryorig Taku doubles the functionality of a robust monitor stand due to its hand-crafted, sturdy wooden base. So, you can get rid of a perspective for your monitor and PC cases from your set-up list by choosing this case for your PC that is horizontal. While compact, it will still allow slots for various storage drives. You can put in 2 2.5 inches SSDs together with the standard 3.5 inches of hard drives.

    Buying Guide For The Best Horizontal PC Case

    Custom PCs are much more sought-after than pre-built PCs. A custom-built PC allows you to select the components you prefer most and the ideal PC case that suits your preferences. Many manufacturers specialize in creating PC cases with various shapes and sizes.

    Today, we’ve covered the top horizontal PC cases in our selection and provided detailed information on each of our choices. We have also offered an array of the top features with each option to give you an extensive overview of what you get when you purchase the case. If you’d like to learn more about PC cases for horizontal use, ensure you read our buying guide on the best PC cases that are horizontal.

    1: Motherboard Compatibility

    Whatever PC case you choose to purchase, it is essential to verify the compatibility of your motherboard with your PC case to achieve the most optimal outcomes. If you’ve been preparing to build a custom computer for a while and you’ve decided on the components you want to put on your computer, such as motherboard and RAM, CPU, GPU, and so on. So, your case needs to be fully compatible with these components to make a fully functional custom PC. In the section on compatibility, we advise you to first look at your motherboard. It is usually listed at the beginning to give you an idea of your compatibility with your device. Just look at the model of your case, and make sure your motherboard has the same type of form factor. There are several options for motherboards like ATX micro ATX mini ITX and many more.

    2: CPU Cooler and GPU Support

    Other than the motherboard, GPUs and CPU coolers are two of the most crucial components in your PC that are most likely to create compatibility issues. Before deciding on the horizontal PC case, you want to purchase, make sure that it can house the CPU cooler you prefer. The air-cooled CPU coolers are enormous, based on the quality and brand of the air cooler you are purchasing. Even if you are using liquid coolers or AIO, the case you choose to use must have the identical size radiator included in the AIO.

    In terms of the GPU, The main problem, in this case, will be what is the GPU length. If the GPU cannot be placed in the case you want, you’ll need to buy a new card, which isn’t the best situation. With the current state of affairs, it is possible that you will not have a second choice for an extended period. To avoid problems like this, you should simply lookup up the size of the GPU you’re planning to add to your system and verify its compatibility with your case. Case manufacturers typically list the supported GPU’s length in millimeters that should be greater than the length of your GPU.

    3: PSU Support

    A PSU is also an essential part of your system, as it is impossible to turn on your system without having a dedicated source of power. With the latest generation of GPUs and CPUs, the power consumption is very high. This means that you’ll require a considerable PSU for those who want to build a gaming system equipped with the latest generation GPU and CPU. For that, the case can house this type of device without difficulties.

    To do this, verify the compatibility of your horizontal PC case with the PSU of your choice before purchase. PC cases are also equipped with a compatibility standard for PSUs like motherboards. PSUs are made with standard forms such as ATX or SFX, which must be compatible with the PC case. At the same time, most horizontal PC cases can work with ATX PSUs. However, a few models may only work with SFX PSUs smaller in dimensions.

    4: PCIe Expansion Slots

    We also advise you to examine the PCIe slots available on your device thoroughly. You might be wondering if you should look at PCIe slots either on the motherboard or on the case. To get the most effective results, it’s best to verify PCIe slots on both sides. While the motherboard allows the connectivity for PCIe-powered components, the case can install identical PCIe-powered components via designated PCIe ports for installation.

    In addition to the graphics card, There are plenty of PCIe components you could require in the future, like audio cards, network cards, USB tuner cards, hubs, and more. In order to accommodate your case, you must provide additional expansion slots for PCIe. Even if your case may be small in size, you must choose a topic that has at least two to three PCIe expansion slots for a future-proof PC build.


    Q. Can I put in case fans on an upright PC case?

    PC cases are built with slots designed explicitly for cooling fans. Even if you buy a subject for your PC that is horizontal, you’ll be able to install the cooling fans you prefer. But, ensure that the fans are installed in the proper position to allow for the maximum airflow within the case. In general, the fans specifically designed for standard PC cases can be fitted in a horizontal case without an issue.

    Q. Can I utilize a standard PC with horizontal orientation?

    The majority of standard PC cases are able to be utilized in the horizontal configuration without issue. However, the sole requirement is that PC components are installed in a manner such that the layout is identical to the appearance of an upright PC case. Because there aren’t any moving parts found on the significant PC parts, orientation shouldn’t be an issue. However, it is still recommended to purchase a good computer case that is horizontal if you intend to install the case horizontally to ensure you are in the best position.

    Q. Do I require a PSU shroud in the PC case?

    The PSU shroud doesn’t actually interfere with any performance or efficiency of the PC or the PSU which powers your PC. However, it does contribute to the appearance of your PC and also helps in creating a clean and tidy PC that is liked by a large number of users. If your case has a PSU shroud, you will be able to effectively hide the ugly and bulky cables that come out of the PSU. It makes it easier to organize the lines within your case and allows you to personalize your computer to your liking with a dedicated light or a figure that you like.


    There is a broad selection of choices in the market with regards to computers and PCs. There are various categories of PC cases based upon the motherboard compatibility that indicate the dimensions and shape of issues. There are multiple options for each type of case so that customers can choose from various possibilities before deciding on the topic to build a custom PC. Today, we’re mainly focused on horizontal PC cases as they are becoming a common choice for desktop PCs. If you’re not sure what to look for in the best flat case, look through our buying guide to find the most suitable vertical PC cases. We’ll also provide fantastic suggestions here that could be a good fit for you.

    Cooler Master is one of the most well-known brands names in the marketplace for PC cases. Therefore our initial recommendation for the top Horizontal PC case would be that of the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO. This case measures around 16.7 by 17.4 13 inches. It is larger than the other cases. With the additional space, you’ll have plenty of airflow inside the case. Additionally, you’ll also get two sturdy trifle fans. The case is also able to accommodate up to 180mm tall CPU coolers as well as up to 344 mm in length graphics cards.

    It is the GOLDEN FIELD N-1; on the contrary, it is the most affordable horizontal PC case available on the market today. It’s a Mini ITX case that is perfect for smaller PCs. The case features the shape of a cubicle rather than an open-plan design and measures around 10.24 by 12.6 7.87 7.87 inches in dimension. The case can still accommodate up to 270mm graphics cards and 120mm CPU coolers making it an ideal option for a large gaming-focused PC. In spite of the compact design that is GOLDEN FIELD N-1, you’ll have the 3.5 inches HDD and a 2.5 inches SSD slot for storage drives.

    If you’re looking for an even slimmer PC case, this Cryorig Taku is the perfect option for you. It is also a Mini ITX PC case, given that it is 12.2 and 22.44 5.59 5.59 inches in dimension. However, it’s one of the top alternatives available since it has a top-quality aluminum chassis and an extremely solid wooden base. It is suitable for most of the top graphics cards available on the market and supports up to 280mm GPUs. You can also put 2 2.5 inches SSDs and one 3.5 inches hard drive inside the case with no problems.

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