Who doesn't love a splash of color?
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beats studio buds

Beats launched their Studio Buds last year. However, these wireless headphones offer the same experience as AirPods Pro without the hefty cost.

Today, Beats have upgraded its earbuds to include three new color choices. Now, you can purchase three pairs of Studio Buds in Ocean Blue, Moon Grey, and Sunset Pink. The new colors are available in addition to the current black, red, white, and black models.

There aren’t any other modifications in the Beats Studio Buds sporting the new colors. It would be nice to add some additional features to the design changes, but the new colors are popular with customers.

Studio Buds Studio Buds are a more targeted product for the general public than the AirPods Pro, aimed at those who are casual listeners rather than professionals. With the brand new colors, the pair of Studio Buds appear a bit more appealing than the all-white Apple design of AirPods. They’re sure to be a hit with more people!

For those who aren’t aware, to remind you, for those who aren’t mindful, Beats Studio Buds are a small pair of wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. They come with active noise cancellation and the ability to work with the Apple Spatial Audio, and they are compatible with iOS and Android. Beats claims that you’ll get up to 8 minutes of power from the earbuds. The earbuds received the earbuds with four stars during our test, and we were able to tell that the sound was more refined and bass-free than Beats’ earlier models.

If you’re interested in picking some Studio Buds in the new colors, there are several choices. It’s easy to go into¬†Beats¬†and purchase the pair at¬†Apple¬†and¬†Amazon, and they are priced at PS129.99; however, Amazon frequently drops the price by a few dollars.