Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot is intended for automatic house washing. It works on its own just leave it on the floor; it will clean the floor automatically without any communication of human beings.

automatic vacuum cleaner robot

This device is built cost-efficient, and anyone can afford it; it costs less than 20$ and can work almost 4 hours when fully charged. The Automatic vacuum cleaner robot consists of Arduino and some motors which are given in the description below.

The image of this project or device is, as shown below, you can also design it according to your own choice.

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Components Required for automatic vacuum cleaner robot:

The parts needed for this Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Robot are as follows; if these elements are unavailable in the nearby market, you can buy it online from the given link below…
  1. Motor Driver L298n———————>for ordering online Click here.
  2. Arduino Uno           ———————>for ordering online Click this link.
  3. Ultrafire Battery 18650 3.7V———-> for getting online Click this link.
  4. Jumper wires        ————————–> for obtaining online Click this link.
  5. DC Motors (x5). ————————————>Click to get online
  6. Wheel 65 x 26mm (x2)—————————>click this for purchase online.
  7. Switch——————————–>you can use any kind of switch as explained in the circuit design.

Circuit Diagram of automatic vacuum cleaner robot ;

The circuit diagram for the Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Robot is the following.

automatic vacuum cleaner robot
circuit diagram
Connect the wires according to the figure above, if any help needed comment below, we would try our level best to help you. Arduino Code is also given below download it and follow the steps below.

Working of Automatic Vacuum cleaner Robot:

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot works with the help of Arduino and Ultrasonic sensor.
The ultrasonic sensor is placed for detection purposes. When it detects the obstacle in its path, it will take a turn and will choose its own way where there are no obstacles.
A fan is placed, which works to catch the tiny Defilement from the flour and store it in the box. The box can be easily opened and emptied quickly and easily.
The shape is the device is designed in such a way that it can save the maximum amount of Defilements.

You can also design it according to your own choice. The design in the image is given in step by step, follow to make Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

‘Step by step procedure for automatic vacuum cleaner robot.’

Step 1:

At first, arrange two cardboard as shown in the figure below, and make a circle of a fixed length.

Make a circles on boards

Now cut both the boards as shown in figure carefully, precaution should be taken.

cutting the boards

Step 2:

Now cut both the councils in equal length, as shown here.

cutting both boards

Then arrange another board that should be large in size and significant in length. Then make lines with equal distance between them.
This step is just for design purposes if you want, you can skip it as well.

linning the boards

Cut each line as shown in the figure, make sure not to cut it completely.

cutting the boards

Step 3:

The designing steps are almost complete now arrange it on the board, as shown below.
after cutting

Place it on the round cut cardboard and stick it with glue. The next step will be placing tires and motors.

stick with glue

Step 4: 

Wiring up the motors.

The fixing of the motors is shown in the step below.
place the tires here


Then place the tires as shown in the figure.
placing tires

After the wiring of tires, wires up the Ultrasonic sensor according to the circuit diagram.

Connecting wires to the ultrasonic sensor

Make sure that the two wheels are attached to the L298n motor shield in the same way, as shown below.

automatic vacuum cleaner robot
connecting motors with L298n

Step 5:

Now take the other round piece of cupboard and draw the hole in it and also make sure to line it carefully, as shown in the figure below. 

drawing and cutting

Now cut holes for wiper motors.

cutting for motors

Make two cuts for wiper motors and make sure to cut them in the same way, and also make cuts for tires, as shown in the figure below.

for wiper motors

Now fix the tires as shown below.

placing tires machinery

Step 6:

In this step, fix wiper motors on the left and right side of the Automatic Vacuum Cleaner.
This image shows the Left side of the wiper motor.
placing left side wiper motor

This image shows the Right side of the wiper motor.

placing right side wiper motor

For making self-made wipers, the diagram is shown below :).

self-made wiper

Connecting both the wipers to the Motors and stick it permanently with the glue, as shown below.

placing wiper on left and right motors

Step 7:

Now Arrange the Fan, which will be placed on the opposite side of the Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Robot so that it can catch tiny particles of Defilement and make sure to arrange it in such a way that it has high Rpm.

Air fan

Then cover it with any net-type cloth so that the machinery should be safe from any damage.

cover it with anything

Now arrange some plastic bottles or any suitable plastic easily available for you to built Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Robot and cut it in round shape and the same size of the motor because the fan will be placed there.

cutting for fan

Now Fix it accordingly, as shown below.

placing the fan



Make sure anything you use for catching Defilement and for wiper motor must draw a hole in it so that particle can easily pass through to the bucket, as shown below.

Step 8:

This is the last step you are almost done :).
 At last fix all the components, including the fan and ultrasonic sensor, as shown below.

automatic vacuum cleaner robot
setting up the components according to circuit

Now place the box over it and cover it as shown below.

automatic vacuum cleaner robot
place box cover

Its done :). In the end, make sure to install the code in the Arduino, which is given below.

automatic vacuum cleaner robot

Download Code ;

Keep in mind to install the code in the Arduino before testing the Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot .Download the code from the link Click here for Arduino Code.