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At a Glance on Pixel prepares to show timers from Nest Hub and Assistant speakers

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Last month, Google changed the At-a-Glance widget to include flashlight reminders and Nest Doorbell notifications. The Pixel At a Glance widget may soon have a “Cross-Device Timer” capability integrated into Google Home.

About APK Insider’s View: In this “APK Insight” article, we’ve decompiled the newest version of an app Google published to their Play Store. If we break those files (called APKs for Android applications), it is possible to observe different lines of code that indicate possible future features. Remember that Google could or might not release such components and the way we interpret them of what they’re inaccurate. We’ll be trying to allow those close to being complete. However, we’ll also let you know how they will look should they come out. With this in mind, continue reading.

At a Glance today gives the user “timer and stopwatch info from the Clock app.” You can see a live countdown that launches the app after tapping on the upper-left edge of the lock and the home screen.

Google app 13.26, which is currently being tested in the beta channel. It also includes a brand new At a Glance feature

  • <string name=”ambient_settings_cross_device_timer_toggle_title”>Cross Device Timer</string> 
  • <string name=”ambient_settings_cross_device_timer_toggle_subtitle”>Timer info from your home devices</string>

“Timer info” is somewhat unclear and could be referred to as the countdown, but the source -“your home devices “your home devices” -is pretty evident from the text. This feature will display the timers you have set in your Smartphone Displays and speakers. It also shows A Quick View for Pixel phones.

It’s not known if you’ll be capable of removing the app from your phone or if the app will identify the responsible device. In the meantime, it’ll be determined by the icon below in the settings menu.

One of the most frequent complaints about Smart Displays/speakers timers is that they don’t connect across Assistant devices and are secluded. (The alternative is to go to Google Home app > selecting the device, then Settings > Audio > Alarms and timers.) This integration is an essential step toward making things less isolated.

We set several timers in the morning, but Cross Device Timer is not yet active in At A Glance and its setting. Google is progressing on “Grocery deliveries and pickups” for At a Glance.


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