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Are you looking for a foldable phone that is less expensive?


The world has been waiting on phones that fold to be priced lower to make them accessible to all of us. However, it appears that we’ll be waiting for a while before the affordable phones revolution can hit the market—these futuristic mobiles.

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Leaker @chunv8888, who has a record of mixed with reliable leaks – tweeted a tweet that reads “Foldable Galaxy A,” which is short but simple to comprehend – Samsung is working on a foldable model in its Galaxy A line of affordable gadgets.

However, the leak was quickly clarified by an update tweet which said, “Not happening that soon tho, 2024-2025”.

Oh. Have we got two or three more years to wait? It was a good thing there wasn’t a third post, and we didn’t get another negative story to pile over the top.

We don’t think Samsung’s new foldable to be referred to as the “Foldable Galaxy A” – they’re currently referred to as”the Galaxy Z line, not the Foldable Galaxy S (which would need to be if it was to be named to reflect it’s S range of high-end phones). However, we’re interpreting it as chunv8888, using this phrase to make the point straightforward.

The leak does not explain how the foldable phones that are affordable from Samsung are still a ways off. Still, our research suggests it is most likely to be a flimsy combination of the inherent costs of foldable technology that take a long time to decrease in value. The current shortage of chipsets impacts the value of the components as well.

Analysis: Samsung will likely be first

This announcement was only about Samsung’s first foldable device, which is just two or three years old, so you’re wondering why we’ve been talking about the various folds being this long a way off. However, Samsung will likely be the first to explore this new market.

While it’s not the only company to offer foldable phones and foldable phones, it’s one of those firms (alongside Huawei) striving to bring out new foldable phones.

We believe that most businesses, even if they tend to focus on inexpensive phones and tablets, will make their first foldable more expensive to recover R&D costs and enable them to develop a more straightforward manufacturing process.

This will allow us to make cheaper devices in the future. Look at Motorola – despite a lot of its phones being cheap, its Razr range of foldable smartphones was all quite costly.

A possible challenge to Samsung’s low-cost phones that fold would be TCL which has previously stated that it is looking to create cheap bending phones. However, after years of demonstrating concepts for low-cost bending phones but it’s still not releasing a single model, and we’re not sure TCL will place its cash where its mouth is.

Suppose we find a cheap and foldable phone at a reasonable price worth purchasing before 2024. In that case, we’ll surely be satisfied – but in the end, we’re hoping Samsung could be the very first to introduce the Galaxy A foldable, mainly because Samsung has made public its lessons and made amends from previous foldable phone blunders.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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