All Eyes on Apple VR headset , Which will feature micro OLED displays.

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apple VR
(Image credit: Ian Zelbo)

According to a report by the Korean newspaper ET News, Apple will release its highly desired VR headset later in the year.

The article is in line with the suggestions made by¬†The Nikkei, the report that Apple has joined forces with TSMC to create small OLED displays for its devices. The Taiwanese company already manufactures the chips in the M-series and A-series used in Apple’s products.

Micro OLED displays measure less than a centimeter in diameter, are ultra-thin, and don’t require filters, making them extremely energy efficient and suitable for use in VR and AR glasses. Because the displays are made directly from chips rather than glasses, it’s believed that Apple could also utilize TSMC’s existing production facilities, which helps keep costs at a minimum.

The assumption is that the performance testing of the headset has recently been completed, and it is running Apple’s M1 chip that runs iOS.

Apple’s keenness to dip its toes in the virtual and augmented market for headwear has been long thought.¬†

With the introduction of the Metaverse, the Cupertino company seems keen to participate in what is expected to become a lucrative new market. Recent research suggests that by 2022 there will be a worldwide demand for 14.19 million VR/AR headsets as compared to 9.86 million in 2021. and even the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, and even Meta are getting involved in the headset revolution.

In the past, there was a report that Apple is working on both AR (AR) glasses and VR (VR) headsets. Bloomberg reported that the VR headset was planned for release this year, whereas those with AR glasses were farther away, which is 2023 or so.