APPLE PRODUCTSApple's 27-inch Mini LED monitor may have a surprisingly...

Apple’s 27-inch Mini LED monitor may have a surprisingly long delay.


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MacRumors noticed a tweet by Ross Young, a well-known leaker (and the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants), and he claims that the 27-inch screen has been delayed significantly by Apple.

You can see that the word is that instead of being launched in June, as initially planned (presumably it was WWDC which is very early in the month), The show could not be ready until the end of October in 2022.

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Young says the lockdown could cause this delay in Shanghai, which is why production was to be taken care of in the city (by Quanta), but Apple is now forced to move to a new location. It’s certainly not a simple shift; therefore, if that’s the case, then we will undoubtedly see some time to be added to the waiting period for this 27-inch display.

Analysis: Studio Display Pro to doubtless be an expensive proposition

In the ideal scenario, it may be similar to the Apple Studio Display Pro, an upgraded version of the Studio Display. The main difference is that one of the most significant is the inclusion of Mini-LED.

The media (including Young) initially believed that a 27-inch iMac Pro was coming. However, there was some confusion over the subject, and prior announcements of an iMac were, in fact, based on leaks related to the 27-inch Mini-LED display. Twitter users ask if this could remain an all-in-one machine made by Apple and not simply an LCD.

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If it’s the Studio Display Pro, it will cost a lot. One commenter asked Young about a ballpark price in the tweet mentioned above. However, the leader said that it was “expensive.”

This isn’t a surprise. However, it’s because Apple Studio Display is already expensive enough, priced at $1,599 (PS1,499 or $AU2,499). We may see a substantial Apple premium be added to any Pro version with Mini-LED, which could mean increasing the price to three million dollars.

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