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Apple Watch 8 Pro bad news — you may have to buy new watch bands

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Apple Watch 8 Pro’s larger size means your old bands may not be a perfect fit.

The choice between the Apple Watch 8 Pro and Apple Watch 8 might’ve just became more complicated.

According to UnclePan, a leaker on Weibo, the combination of a larger screen size and a more squared-off design on the Apple Watch 8 Pro may render all the best Apple Watch bands out now incompatible. UnclePan has correctly predicted Apple Watch rumors in the past, so there is reason to believe that this rumor has some merit.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is less concerned. In a tweet, Gurman suggested that while the existing Apple Watch bands may not fit the Apple Watch 8 Pro perfectly, they will still work with the new smartwatch.

It’s also important to keep in mind that similar watch band rumors also came out in advance of the Apple Watch 7 release, and ultimately did not pan out. Plus, Apple has not made bands incompatible since the launch of the original Apple Watch, so it would be an odd choice to do it now for just one device.

How big is the Apple Watch 8 Pro? 

(Image credit: ld_vova via theapplehub/Twitter)

There are a few differences between the Apple Watch 8 and the Apple Watch 8 Pro, but one of the biggest is shaping up to be — well, the shape. While both watches are expected to still feature Apple’s signature “squircle” design, the Apple Watch 8 Pro could be a bit more squared off than its base model counterpart.

This is in large part due to the fact that the Apple Watch 8 Pro is rumored to get a 47mm screen size. This would be even larger than the largest rumored Apple Watch 8, which will likely top out at just 45mm. It’ll also be larger than the new 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Apple Watch 8 Pro vs Apple Watch 8: Which model should you buy? 

Which Apple Watch users should buy will probably come down to personal preference. Based on the rumors so far, unless you are an outdoor enthusiast, or love a massive watch face, the Apple Watch 8 will probably be the watch for you. That being said the Apple Watch 8 Pro is expected to see a larger battery than the Apple Watch 8, so that could also be a selling point for some users. I know that the battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a constant frustration and I wish I had more.

Or maybe you just don’t want to buy new watch bands, and after this article, you are hesitant to buy the Apple Watch 8 Pro. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the September 7 Apple Event to know for sure if you’ll need new bands, but in the meantime, you can always check out our list of the best Apple Watch bands for your current Apple Watch. Hopefully, you’ll still get to use it on your new one.

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