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Apple TV 4K and HomePod owners need to update their devices as soon as possible.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Fantastic news for Apple TV 4K and HomePod owners: just a few days after releasing an emergency patch for gaping security flaws on Apple Macs as well as Watches and just an entire week since Apple launched the tvOS 15.5 for all of us in the world, Tim Cook’s giant is releasing additional updates in the case of HomePod, HomePod mini, and Apple TV 4K users. The company has launched the tvOS 15.5.1, a minor update; however, it fixes the most pressing issues that Apple TV users and HomePod users have been complaining about since the tvOS 15.5.

It is crucial to note that Apple claims that TVOS 15.5.1 with Apple TV and HomePod will solve a problem where music might be stopped playing after just an hour.
How do you download the update? The first step is to go to Apple TV: update this to the latest version of tvOS 15.5.1 by going to Settings and then selecting Software Update – although do note that as the update isn’t fully being released, you might not see it immediately within your devices. (Also, it’s possible that tvOS 15.5.1 can only be downloaded to those running TvOS 15.5 (i.e., not the beta version of tvOS 15.6 Beta).

HomePod and HomePod mini? It is recommended to upgrade Your smart device’s firmware to TVOS 15.5.1 (otherwise called HomePod Software Version 15.5.1). App and then select the HomePod from the list of devices displayed.
The release of TVOS 15.5.1 is also identified by its build number, 19L580. But for the sake of clarification, this upgrade is only available for HomePod owners, HomePod mini users, Apple TV HD users, and Apple TV 4K owners.

Opinion: an important HomePod update, But where’s HomePod 2?

apple homepod miniThis update is an excellent one for the smart home with iOS. We all request music via our intelligent speakers based on preference and for music to stop playing within a few minutes isn’t a good idea.

Apple’s debut HomePod is challenging to beat in terms of sound quality and is among the top audio devices we’ve tested in this regard. Siri’s music suggestions on the original HomePod and the HomePod mini are more user-friendly than the spherical but more affordable Echo Dot.

If you can sense an ‘ah-ha,’ this is it: Apple’s ecosystem has been for a long time closed off. This wall needs to be taken down for Apple’s smart speaker to be competitive in a market where not everyone has an iPhone. It is still not possible to take on the HomePod using the aid of an Android phone, and I hope to configure it.

Despite having ceased production of the first HomePod less than one month ago, it’s no official confirmation of the much-awaited HomePod 2. that is, if equipped with a screen, it might be very similar to that of the Amazon Echo Show 10 or the more recent Amazon Echo Show 15.

The bright side is that Apple’s original 2017 HomePod supports one particular feature that the HomePod mini doesn’t have – the spatial sound. In the last few years, Apple’s 3-D sound tech is becoming the new format to follow.

On June 20, 2021, Apple introduced spatial sound to the Apple Music collection. The format uses Dolby Atmos processing to make it appear as if the sound is coming from all over the listener, making you feel like you are in the middle of the mix, being absorbed into the vinyl in the case of.

However, while the existing full-sized HomePod owners can use the feature, it’s not possible to purchase a brand new HomePod with this feature. Add lossless audio to the mix. You’ll have the original HomePod, an outstanding smart speaker for features and audio quality, so we’ve been waiting for an updated version now.

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