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Apple store is closed will a brand new MacBook Air show up at WWDC 2022?

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The online store Apple is currently closed, as Apple is “making updates,” and “developing news” is in the pipeline. This is a good indicator that, given that WWDC 2022 will be held this afternoon, there’ll be one piece of new hardware unveiled, which could be an Apple MacBook Air or Mac Pro 2022.

If there’s a new piece of hardware coming in, it’s common practice for Apple to close the store to reconfigure the store and place the new models into their place (and take away anything that is no longer in the store’s inventory).
If you’re looking for patterns, Apple has shut down its Apple Store in WWDC when it launches new hardware.

Since the entire store is now unavailable, however, what we don’t know is the brand-new product(s) Apple might have that are waiting to be announced later today at the conference.

In the past, WWDC has been less about the launch of devices (though the conference famously showed off 2013 the garbage can Mac Pro at the end of 2013) and instead focused on the program part of the equation. That will likely be the case in the future; however, the fact that the store is going down is the most definitive hint that we’ll get at the very least some indication related to an updated Mac to be revealed.

If you’d like to view the keynote Livestream from Apple later in the future, we’ve put together a complete guide to doing and when the live stream will kick off at 10 am PT/1 pm ET/6 pm UK time.

Analysis: Mac attack of the Pro variety seems most likely?

There are a lot of possibilities regarding what’s going to be showcased as a new technology at WWDC 2022. This includes a possible future MacBook Air, which has been among the more enthralling reports – and is awaited today – or perhaps the Mac mini with an M2-powered Mac mini. It’s been mentioned that there may be multiple devices.

One of the possibilities to be revealed later in the day is the entirely new Mac Pro. This is, after all, an event for developers, so it’s likely that a Pro version of some sort could be more likely to make an appearance than consumer-oriented models possibly – not to mention that Apple’s VP of the hardware industry, John Ternus, has earlier hinted that a unveil might be coming soon for a redesigned Mac Pro (that was back in March).

It’s all speculation; however, we’ll get something different on the Mac front later in the day exciting news.

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