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AirPods soon be used to verify your identity as per the latest Apple patent. This Apple patent, which is called “User Identification Using Headphones,” details the methods AirPods to be used to verify the identity of users through proximity devices as well as the user’s gait and voice recognition and ultrasonic signals¬†in patent-pending Apple¬†mentions.

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new airpods feature
The AirPods will soon serve as a means to verify your identity as per a newly filed Apple patent. FUTURE PUBLISHING VIA GETTY IMAGES

The possibility of an Apple move could be a way to resolve the issue of¬†AirPods¬†available on the market currently. But, they pose a security threat since anyone can use them and access a person’s personal information on a different device than their own.

“Conventional systems do not address whether the user wearing the headphones is authorized to interact with personal features of the device, such as receiving messages from the device,” the patent claims. “Accordingly enhanced methods for identifying users by headphones are desired. “

Suppose the most recent Apple patent is realized. In that case, AirPods will determine who people claim to be through various methods that use ultrasonic signals that can identify any individual’s ear. Cool, isn’t it?

“Various characteristics of the user’s ear provide an echo of the ultrasonic signal which is unique to the user,” the patent states. “Variations between these surfaces within the ear canal could create an ultrasonic echo that bounces off the surface, leading to an echo with an individual signature exclusive to the individual who uses it. For example the person who has a larger ear canal may produce an echo with prolonged reverberation times when compared to one who has small ear canals. “

Other information regarding the gait of a person and their voice can be combined with an accelerometer, microphone and gyroscope to identify when required.

It’s certainly an intriguing concept, but it’s an additional patent, so don’t get too excited. A lot of Apple patents don’t understand the purpose.