Apple has officially announced watchOS 8.5 as an upgrade from the watchOS 8.8 operating system. The update is two months following the latest watchOS 8.4 version.
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Apple launches watchOS 8.5 that includes Emoji 14 characters, an Internal Heart Rate Notification Enhancement, and more.

WatchOS 8.5 is available to download for free through the Apple Watch Bands 2022 Bands app on the iPhone by pressing ” General” and then ”¬†Software Update.” The Apple Watch Bands 2022 Bands 2022 needs to have at least 50% battery capacity, be hooked up to an outlet, and be within the range of an iPhone.

WatchOS 8.5 Update is out. WatchOS 8.5 update is completely compatible with Apple Watch Bands, the 2022 Series Bands 3 and later.

watchOS 8.5 comes with compatibility to Emoji 14 characters. Also, it enhances Apple’s irregular heart rate function that alerts users of atrial fibrillation when it is identified.

The complete notes of Apple’s release on the update are listed below.

watchOS 8.5 includes new features, enhancements and bugs fixed. This includes:

  • The capability to accept Apple TV purchases and subscriptions
  • COVID-19 certified vaccination cards that are part of Apple Wallet now support the European Digital COVID Certificate format.
  • Updates to irregular heartbeat alerts are specifically designed to aid in the detection of atrial fibrillation. The feature is available in the United States, Chile, Hong Kong, South Africa and many other countries in which the part is available.
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