AppleApple is accused of union-busting its stores for the...

Apple is accused of union-busting its stores for the second week.


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The Communications Workers of America (CWA) filed a complaint alleging that Apple violated federal labor laws. They interrogated workers about union activity and prohibited employees from posting union flyers within shared spaces.

This is the second accusation made by the CWA of Apple for union-busting activities this week. Similar complaints were filed in Atlanta on Tuesday. These complaints are part of a wave in union organizations in the tech and retail sectors. This includes the unionization of an Amazon warehouse on Staten Island. While three Apple stores have launched union drives, there are currently no retail unions in the US.

Apple’s union-busting methods include obligatory anti-union meetings

According to and, details of the New York City labor complaint against Apple were reported. Although such discussions were allowed for up to 24 hours before a union vote in the past, the National Labor Relations Board recently changed its position, stating that captive audience meetings are coercive.

Tim Dubnau was the CWA’s deputy organizing director. He stated in a Press Statement that Apple retail workers across the nation are asking for a voice and a place at the table. Despite its stated values, Apple responded in a typical American corporate fashion, using heavy-handed tactics to intimidate and coerce employees. Apple should let workers decide whether they want to join a union.

Although Apple has not made a public statement on unionization in its stores ( according to a report by Vice), it has been giving anti-union talk points to managers ( according to a report from Vice). It has also hired Littler Mendelson lawyers (a firm known for its anti-union work and currently represents Starbucks in its anti-union battle).

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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