It's best not to be freaky when you use trackers, and it's scary.
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Tile follows Apple in introducing an anti-stalking feature to ensure that you are not monitored.

Many people enjoy using tracking devices for their value, and when Apple introduced its tags in the year 2000 and labelled gained popularity, their use rose. In addition to the general acceptance, there was the inevitable flood of news of users using tags for things that aren’t appropriate specifically, for in secretly tracking (i.e. or tracking) other people. This caused a need for a way to be aware of the dangers of tag tracking. This was a concern that Apple addressed earlier in the year by releasing a warning that people who track others could be considered an offence. Tile is now following similar guidelines.

The Tile solution has an entirely new feature known as Scan and Secure, which users will start to notice on their screens later this week, and it doesn’t require an account with Tile to use this feature. Anyone worried about tracking apps should download the app to start using it. For more details,¬†you can find detailed instructions on the website¬†to help you download it.

Scan and Secure are now accessible. Scan and Secure is the first sequence of steps Tile says it is taking to ensure its users are secure within their control and has been cooperating with specialists to identify ways to enhance security features as they develop. In the introduction to the program, Tile provides a link directly to its National Domestic Violence Hotline and is an excellent tool to keep in your wallet should you be in an incident where you need to determine if you’re being monitored by an unidentified Tile (or Tag) in the first place.