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Apple bug that allegedly kills FaceTime for iPhones

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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An iPhone owner may have been affected by a severe bug. This bug can cause FaceTime or iMessage apps to become randomly disabled, without any way to make them turn on.
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Many Twitter users shared this information, including Mark Gurman, an Apple leaker, and a Bloomberg reporter, who described their experiences dealing with the bug. The problem is limited to just two networks.

TMobile and Verizon are the two largest American service networks, which could be a problem for over 113 million iPhone users in America.

Problem with the eSIM

According to 9-5 Mac, this problem only affects the eSIM cards. If you forget your SIM card, a SIM card allows you to use your phone to send and receive text messages.

The purpose of the eSIM chip is to make setting up an iPhone easier. This bug only affects iPhones with iOS 15.4, 15.5, 15.6 beta 1, or 15.5.

T-Mobile and Verizon seem to have known about the bug. Gurman was among those who reached out to their carriers for help. Apple has yet to release a patch or acknowledge the bug.


Gurman suggests inserting a physical SIM card into your iPhone to prevent the bug.

You may also have your eSIM removed and a new one issued. Gurman cautions against this because it is too difficult for most people.

One user described his experience with T-Mobile issuing eSIMs. T-Mobile was unable to activate the last one after 30 minutes. T-Mobile then had to restart the line.
Apple has not yet addressed this problem. TechRadar reached out to Verizon and Apple to get clarifications and will update this story with their replies.

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