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Android Auto issues, bugs, and issues tracking system: Below is the latest state of affairs

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Aizaz khan
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Android Auto has seen rapid growth over the past years and has now become a popular platform to keep motorists connected with their cars.

You don’t even need to be on the road to make a call to someone you care about. Android Auto allows you to talk to your companion handsfree and handsfree, listen to music and navigate Maps and Waze.

Google will continue to improve and add new features to the standalone app and address any bugs or issues users may have.

Google does not manufacture Android Auto-powered cars but only develops the software. Car manufacturers often have to intervene to fix bugs or add new features.

It is challenging to keep track of who and when each party is responsible for a specific issue, bug or issue. Users can report concerns to make it even more difficult.

This post explains the Android Auto bug, issue, and problem status.

We will update this post as necessary with new information, as you’d expect. Bookmark the article to ensure you don’t miss out.

Update (March 17)

11.03 AM IST: Google claims that the problem with audio from Android Auto being played through speakers instead of car speakers has been fixed by the 6.1 updates.



11:00 IST Google also released an Android Auto update to version 6.2. It includes the following updates:

The APK version here will help you determine if the OTA has affected your device. We can tell you that some of the most annoying issues have been resolved.

Update (March 19)

03.40 IST Based upon a study by Auto Evolution, Audible solved the problem of audiobooks being reset to their original page in Android Auto using a back-end copy of the app.

Update (April 05)

04:08 IST: 1. Some Android 11-powered devices, such as the Oppo Find X or the OnePlus Nord, are experiencing problems connecting to Android Auto. The issue has now been exacerbated.

2. Android Auto users may not be able to play “Liked Songs” from Spotify because the loading screen will not stop. This problem has been fixed in Spotify version 8.6.14. Version 8.6.14 of the Spotify app

3. Several users have reported that Android Auto blasts the most recent track at maximum volume when they disconnect. Android Auto v6.2 fixed this issue. You should therefore upgrade your application.

4. With several users’ latest Android updates for Samsung S9+, the Android Auto weather and temperature feature have stopped working. This issue was reported to the responsible team, and a solution is expected to be available soon.

5. Some users reported that Google Assistant for Android Auto doesn’t read text messages but asks them if they would like to reply. This problem has been fixed. You’ll need to upgrade to the latest Android Auto version.

6. Android Automatic Weather Setting has stopped working on Google Pixel devices. The problem was reported to the investigating team.

7. Android Auto isn’t playing Youtube Music, despite being the default music application. Users of many different devices have reported this. The Google Assistant team has resolved the problem.

Update (April 20)

At 04:34 IST, a Product Expert announced that the latest Android Auto update fixes specific connectivity issues with Android 11.

Update (May 17)

04:49 PM (IST): Google Auto users experience new connectivity problems due to an update. The app does not launch or seems to force Wi-Fi disconnections. Android Auto 6.4 could likely be the cause, but it is impossible to confirm without official confirmation.

04:56 IST. Some users reported that music started playing on their phones after making a call. This is in contrast to Android Auto. The problem has not been solved, however.

5:10 PM IST: Users have reported issues with Android Auto switching from File Transfer USB to “no transfers” on their Google Pixels. You can update your Android Auto app to fix the problem.

5:12 PM IST: Some users reported that audio outgoing does not work on calls initiated by Google Assistant. This is due to an error message saying, “To use the car mic, stop all other calls.”

Update (May 20)

02.11 GMT: This post is for all interested in the most current information about Android Auto’s issues.

Update (June 09)

05:54 IST: 1. Many Samsung Galaxy S21 owners have reported that Android Auto crashes if the phone is locked. This problem has become more common.

2. A community specialist has the following to clarify after an official February acknowledgment of this “Spotify does not seem to be working right at this time” issue:

3. Some users reported that the audio output switched to their phones when a call was disconnected in Android Auto. Here’s the latest response.

4. Some users experienced difficulties using voice commands to navigate, but that is no longer the case. An Android Auto 6.4 update will fix this problem.

5. Recent reports indicate that outgoing audio issues with calls initiated using Google Assistant persist, despite an earlier fix.

6. After updating to Android 11 on Pixel 2XL, Android Auto hasn’t been able to connect to the 2020 Honda CRV. A user reported the problem as resolved.

Update (June 15)

06:15 IST Samsung and Android Auto can be dangerous and have had many issues. Samsung will fix Android Auto issues on its phones with the June 2021 software update.

Update (June 22)

02:02 PM (IST): Android Auto users have reported various issues. In this update, we will address a few of them. These are the issues:

Android Auto connects via Wi-Fi, but music is slow when switching between applications. After updating Android 11 for Pixel 2 XL and later Samsung phones, Google Maps crashed at the “loading path” Android Auto crashes if connected to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This locks the screen and prevents the user from receiving text messages.

Update (June 23)

06:33 GMT: Android Auto users who experience problems such as non-responsive Google Maps or music stuttering and general system slowness can find a solution. Android Auto can be solved by switching to Bluetooth AVRCP version 1.4 from 1.6 in the developer options.

Update (July 09)

11:23 IST, Most Android Auto users report that Google Maps is stuck at the loading screen. Others claim that the problem is with the Assistant not being able to provide location-based results.

Update (July 21)

IST 07:07 PM This Android Auto Google Maps zoom doesn’t work with the control knob issues. Google is still working on a solution. Head here for more details.

Update (July 22)

10:40 IST: Ford customers who own the Sync 3.1 or 3.2 hardware should contact Ford customer support if they experience issues with Android Auto’s sound quality.

Users of Nissan vehicles must visit their dealerships to receive software updates. This is because the Nissan team fixed the problem that caused Spotify songs to not play in Android Auto.

Updated (July 22, 2009)

IST 10.40 AM: If you are experiencing an Android Auto or Sync 3.1 hardware issue, contact Ford customer service.

Nissan owners who own Nissan vehicles should visit the dealership to get software updates. The Nissan team fixed the problem with Spotify songs being cut off on Android Auto.

Updated (July 24, 2018)

IST05:19 PM: If you are having trouble using Spotify via AnyAutoAudio to play music inside your Android Auto-supported car, you can follow this user’s suggested workaround.

Update, July 27, 2009

IST05:45 PM: A Google community specialist revealed that Samsung would start fixing issues with Android Auto in its S21 Ultra models beginning September as part of the Maintenance Release instead of the monthly security update.

Updated (July 30, 2018)

IST 12.45 PM. It has been revealed that some Android Auto users still have problems where the steering wheel controls do not work. Although the bug has been fixed, users still face it.

Updated (July 31, 2018)

IST 04.59 PM: A new report suggests that Google may have corrected a significant bug in Android Auto that caused audio to stop working when switching between apps while the service was in wireless mode.

Update (August 05, 2009)

IST 4:25 PM: A new report shows that the missing icon for the weather has not been fixed even with the most recent update and server-side patches. Google is still working on the issue.

Updated August 07, 2009

IST 06.34 PM: A new update to the Android Auto known issues page confirmed that the team is currently working on a fix for the issue in which Google Assistant would display the error “Something went wrong. Please try again” when it was triggered.

Update (August 11, 2008)

IST 04.54 PM: Android Auto users noticed that their phone calls stopped showing up on their phones after they were connected to Android Auto. A specialist responded to a complaint made on the community forums.

Updated August 16

IST 04.07 PM: A person suggested that Google Maps be stopped to resolve the Android Auto crash problem. While this might not be possible for everyone, it might be worth a try if you are open to trying other services.

Update, August 20

IST 02.20 PM: Android Auto had a problem reading out messages. However, the Google Assistant team has fixed the issue. For more information, please visit this link.

Update (August 23, 2009)

IST 07:30 PM: Android Auto customers have reported problems with Google Maps not giving correct directions to their cars. Google Maps is also causing issues with left-hand driving.

Google has escalated both problems, but no ETA is in sight. It is possible to read more about the issue here.

Update (August 27, 2008)

IST 12:20 PM: Samsung users are still experiencing the problem where Android Auto weather or temperature stops working on the latest version.

Despite assurances from a Community Specialist, this is even though fixes were implemented in the Android Auto app.

Updated September 03, 2009

IST 4:15 PM: Recent reports from Google Support Community indicate that the Assistant team has resolved the issue with Google Assistant not retrieving location-based results after the latest Google app update.

IST 04.30 PM: Google appears to have finally fixed the dreaded Google Assistant “Something went wrong” error that affected many Android Auto users. It is possible to read more about the issue here.

Updated September 04, 2009

IST 10.15 AM: Google appears to have fixed the Android Auto weather position is stuck on your hometown’ bug and the Missing icon’ bug. You can read more about that here.

Updated September 16

IST 06.40 PM: Google has escalated an error that prevented users from connecting their Android apps via USB cable.

Updated (September 18)

IST 4:15 PM: A community specialist confirmed that the OS update C.68 and later versions have a solution for screen freezing or going black when the phone is unlocked.

Update (September 21st)

IST 05.44 PM: The incoming call issue should be fixed by updating to the most recent version of Sync Ford. More details here.

Update (September 24, 2009)

IST 12.54 PM: Google has now said it optimized Google Maps for Android Auto for Right Hand Drive vehicles.

android auto maps optimised for right hand drive cars

IST 08.20 PM: Google has identified an issue in Android Auto where users keep getting notifications saying “Google Maps location requires attention.”

Developers stated that they had escalated this issue for further investigation.

Updated September 30, 2010

6:00 PM (IST): Google has acknowledged an Android Auto bug in which the navigation notification bar blocks the following exit/turn text directions and the optical path.

The Android Auto forum community specialist stated that the issue was forwarded to the rest of the team for further investigation.

Updated October 02, 2012

06.30 PM (IST): Recently, a Spotify Community Moderator stated that the problem where users were receiving the “Spotify doesn’t seem to work right now” error was fixed. Some user reports indicate that the issue may have been resolved.

Update (October 23, 2009)

06.30 IST: Google has resolved the problem where Android Auto or Google Maps didn’t display the blue route. It should be fixed by updating to the most recent version.

Update (October 27, 2008)

10:00 IST: Many Android Auto-compatible vehicle owners report an issue with Google Assistant.

According to reports, the Okay Google and Hey Google commands on Android Auto no longer activate the Assistant.

This issue was acknowledged by an Android Auto Community Specialist and escalated to the team.

These reports are for your reference:


Update (October 28)

05.35 PM (IST): To determine the root cause of the problem, a community specialist requested that users send bug reports. There is no ETA on a solution.

Update (November 5, 2005)

12-13 IST: Users with the Google Pixel 6 series devices will now notice that Android Auto is not listed in the app launcher. The settings still have the option to enable the function.

Update (November 11, 2009)

04.32 PM (IST) An Android Auto Team member claims they could not reproduce the problem where the Okay Google command doesn’t work. They are asking users for bug reports to help in their investigation.

Updated (November 16)

11.15 AM. (IST): In the last few months, Android Auto voice commands have not been working correctly with Telegram. This issue will be fixed in Android Auto 7.1.

Updated (November 18).

06/19 IST: To assist in the investigation, those who have issues with Android Auto on Android 12 are asked to submit bug reports. Head here for more details.

Update (November 22, 2012)

04.07 PM (IST): New reports have highlighted numerous words that users who upgraded to Android12 are not receiving notifications when their mobile devices are plugged in.

A community specialist confirmed that the team was aware of the bug and is currently investigating it.

Updated December 04, 2008

05.55 PM (IST): Oppo reportedly has an update for Android Auto’s frozen screen problem. All affected users can upgrade to the latest OS version to see if the problem persists.

Updated December 06, 2008

11.37 AM (IST): It has been discovered that some Android Auto users (1.2,3) cannot get YouTube audio working on their setups. This is despite other apps working perfectly.

According to the Android Auto Team, this issue has been escalated.

Updated December 07, 2008

04.25 PM (IST) Android Auto users complain that some apps, such as Uber and Lyft, cannot open addresses in Google Maps for navigation. You can find the possible workaround here.

Updated December 09, 2009

04.25 PM (IST): Google Maps users are reporting that they cannot send Google Maps links to their phones. Others report that voice commands stopped working after saying “Hey Google” or “Okay Google.”

Update (December 10, 2010)

04.58 IST: Pixel 6 owners complain about randomly disconnecting their phone from Android Auto. You can read more about it here.

Updated December 13

04.30 PM (IST): Some users still complain (1, 2, and 3) about an issue in which they cannot use their keyboard after disconnecting from Android Auto.

Google acknowledged the issue and said that it is currently being investigated. However, there is no ETA on a fix.

Updated December 17

01.15 PM (IST): Affected user found a solution to the Pixel 6 to keep the disconnecting problem. A different cable was used to connect the device. You can read more about that here.

Updated December 27

10.23 IST: Google has reported that Contacts have not been recognized in Android Auto after a recent update.

Update (December 28, 2008)

03.55 PM (IST): Some users have reported issues with their navigation, as it keeps refreshing every few seconds. The bug was even recorded by a user, which can be viewed below.

If you have experienced the same bug before, you may find comfort in knowing that a Community Specialist forwarded the issue to the concerned team.

Update (December 29, 2009)

12.51 PM (IST): YouTube Music Users now report (1.2,3.4) that they cannot see the downloaded songs on their Android Auto settings.

YouTube now encourages users with disabilities to upload their music to their YouTube Music Library.

03.54 PM (IST): Android auto is not working on specific models of Xiaomi 11T. The phone is detected in cars that do not work, but it’s used for charging or mass storage.

A Google product expert confirmed that the issue had been escalated. It is necessary to wait for any updates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Updated January 08, 2008

06.06 PM (IST): This workaround prevents notification from reaching the head unit. It is possible to try the workaround and determine if it resolves the problem.

Updated (January 17, 2017)

05.06 PM (IST): Pixel 6 users still report the problem of not being able to connect to Android Auto. The issue continues to plague users even after the Android Auto 7.2 update and the Pixel January 06 patch.

Updated January 19, 2009

11.01 AM. (IST): Android Auto users have reported missing the Google Maps option from their device after the Android Auto version 7.2 update. Users can still use Waze to find alternative services.

Updated (January 25, 2010)

06.33 IST: Android Auto team works on several issues affecting its users. This includes problems with Pixel 6 connectivity and Spotify voice commands not working.

Update, January 29

06.14 PM (IST): A affected user suggested a workaround to the problem where the phone’s keyboard does not function for any app after disconnecting with Android Auto.


Updated February 08, 2008

02:22 IST: Google has released a fix for the Pixel 6 Bluetooth connectivity problem with its February 2022 update. Users hoped that the update would fix Bluetooth connectivity issues in Android Auto.

Some users report Bluetooth connection issues with their vehicles, even after installing the latest update. Here’s a possible workaround.

Updated February 17, 2009

04.36 PM (IST): A community specialist from Google said that they have not been able to reproduce the problem where Android Auto doesn’t work on Xiaomi 11T Pro.

He also requested bug reports from affected users to assist engineers in identifying the root cause and fixing it.

Update, February 25, 2009

01:30 PM (IST): There are currently some Samsung Galaxy S22 owners who are reporting (1), 2, 3, 4, 5, and (6) issues connecting to Android Auto.

Android Auto users report that the screen turns black when they attempt to connect using either a wired or wireless connection. The team has taken this issue up for further investigation.

Updated March 03, 2009

01:30 PM (IST): Google Play System March 2022 update for Android devices mentions bug fixes for device connectivity. This update could fix some connectivity issues with Android Auto for some devices.

Updated (March 7, 2007)

06/04 PM (IST): This is a workaround for Android Auto’s inability to work on Xiaomi 11T Pro. You can still try this solution if you have the same problem.


Update (March 10, 2010)

07.01 PM (IST): A Google community specialist has confirmed that Samsung has a solution for the problem where Android Auto music is choppy when switching between apps connected to Wi-Fi.

Updated March 16

06.20 PM (IST): Some users report that they get Communication Error 8 while trying to connect to Android Auto.

A community specialist from Google Forum has acknowledged the issue and raised it with the rest of the team.

Updated March 18, 2008

09.53 (IST): Google Android Auto app version 7.5.1104 will add a new USB Startup Diagnoses Tool. This tool will help users determine if faulty USB cables cause connectivity problems.

Updated (March 22, 2018)

05.30 PM (IST): Many users are experiencing an issue where the Google assistant calls default to the phone’s speaker, even when using Android Auto. A community expert confirmed that the problem had been sent to the appropriate team for further investigation.

Updated (March 26, 2010)

01.25 PM (IST): Users report an issue in which a “Test Screen” error message appears on their mobile devices when they connect to Android Auto.

Users are reporting an unexpected notification appearing on their phones. It says, “Looking for Android Auto.”

It doesn’t seem like it causes any problems, but it is still irritating and can’t be fixed by restarting the phone or reconnecting.

Update (April 4, 2019)

06.04 PM (IST): The issue in which apps such as Uber and Lyft can’t upload addresses to Google Maps has been resolved.

Update (April 5, 2005)

05.11 PM (IST): Users report an Android Auto issue in which Google Assistant reads messages in another language. This issue was also reported to the team for further investigation.

Updated (April 08, 2008)

07/13 PM (IST): Google now needs bug reports on the issue with Galaxy S22, where the screen goes black after connecting to Android Auto.

Update (April 11, 2009)

06.37 PM (IST): Android Auto’s known issue page has been updated. It confirms that the team is investigating why Samsung Galaxy S22 keeps disconnecting from Android Auto.

Users also see large icons after updating to Android12. This issue is being investigated. The case in which Google Assistant defaults to speaking is also being investigated.

Updated (April 15)

04.45 PM (IST): After updating to OneUI 4.1, some Galaxy S21 users are experiencing connection and crashing issues with Android Auto.

Update (April 19, 2009)

04.54 PM (IST): A Google community specialist has confirmed that the issue with Google Assistant defaulting to speaker has been resolved.

The team has also been notified about the problem where Microsoft Team audio does not work in Android Auto.

Update (May 27, 2012)

10:27 IST: The Android 13 beta 2.0 updates the problem where Android Auto disconnects from devices, causing them to crash and then restart.

04.23 PM (IST): Users report (1, 2) that Android Auto 7.7 beta has fixed the black screen issue on Galaxy S22 utility units.

01.38 (IST): Google confirmed that Android Auto for Smartphone Screens would cease to work soon. It’s an application that allows users to use Android Auto for mobile devices. You can read more about it here.

10:33 IST: Many Android Auto users are reporting (1, 2, 3, and 4) a problem with Android Auto that causes low FPS. The support team has not acknowledged this issue.

5:00 PM (IST): Many Android Auto owners claim that Satellite View has been removed or missing since the latest update. Here’s a solution.

11.20 IST: Users report that the auto day/night mode on Android Auto isn’t working. A community manager acknowledged the issue and escalated it with the team.

06.05. IST: A community specialist has reported that Android Auto is not connecting to outgoing calls. The team has now been notified.

According to users, even though the dialing process starts, it never connects.

06.25 PM (IST): We have fixed the issue with Android Auto’s Satellite view. More details here.

10:33 PM (IST): Google removed Android Auto for Smartphone Screens from Android12. It is still available on older versions of Android 12. You can read more about that here.

12.51 PM (IST): A specialist in the Android Auto community confirmed that the problem where Google Assistant was reading messages in another tongue had been resolved.

12:59 PM (IST): Auto users report issues with the taskbar and icons in their head units. Google acknowledged the problem and is currently working to fix it.

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