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Android Auto 7.9 is now in beta due to the widespread rollout of the previous update.

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Aizaz khan
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Google has released a new version, 7.9 of Android Auto, just in time for the last update to be more widely available.

Android Auto 7.9 is out, but what’s new in this version?

Google has begun pushing Android Auto 7.9 to all users who signed up for its public beta. Version 7.9 may be available for those who have enrolled via the Play Store but is not open to all.

Google doesn’t provide much information about the latest version of Android Auto. Android Auto 7.9 is still in beta. We don’t know much about what’s new, and there aren’t any apparent signs.

We can presume that this version continues to address Android Auto’s issues, such as the Galaxy S22 series. The “Coolwalk” redesign officially announced at I/O is still in progress, even though it is not active with 7.9.

Android Auto 7.8 is still available for users.

Google released Android Auto 7.9 beta testers. More users on the stable update track now have the Android Auto 7.8 update.

Google’s latest update to 7.8 isn’t clear, and there isn’t an official changelog.

Google was testing the setup process when the beta version of the update became available. Some users received a notification asking them to perform the setup again after installing 7.8. It is not yet clear why this test was performed.

Android Auto app updates are important to remember. These updates are often released at drastically different speeds for each user.

Although 7.8 seems to be spreading reasonably widely at this stage, many users will still be able to find Android Auto 7.7 at their latest version in the Google Play Store. This is also the case for one of our devices. However, Android Auto will still function properly.

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