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Android 13 is now available on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Fold 4 for all, Galaxy A52 also

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Samsung has released the Android 13 update for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Fold four as part of its ongoing Android 13 rollout. It also includes the last year’s Galaxy A52 at a fraction of the price.

Last week, Samsung released Android 13’s stable version to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Fold four. Technically, however, the update was available only to those who had taken part in the One UI 5 beta program. For example, my personal Galaxy Z Fold 4 was updated to Android 13 just a few days after the rollout began.

As SamanthaMobile reported, Samsung has begun a wider rollout. Samsung has now launched Android 13. At least, in Samsung’s country of South Korea, Galaxy Z Flip four and Fold four owners who did not participate in the beta program will get Android 13. This update is the same BVK5 firmware and will be available in more countries over the next few days. You can also download the November 2022 security update.

Samsung is expanding Android 13 to create an entirely new device.

The stable Android 13 update is now available for the Galaxy A52, which was released in 2021. The update has been spotted in Russia so far. However, it will be expanded to other regions as well. This update also includes the November 2022 security patch. In addition, it carries a firmware version ending in CVJB.

Samsung has released Android 13 on several devices, but there is still much to do. Keep an eye on the continuously updated tracker.

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