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AMD RX 550
Image via hermitage akihabara

The current shortage and high costs of the latest graphics cards have resulted in older AMD Radeon RX550 being rebranded and sold in Japan. The cards were first released in 2017 as budget-friendly options priced below $100. Although they were believed to not be in production t the product is selling at a more fantastic price than previously.

The announcement was made that RX 550 would be dropping; the RX 550 dropped, it was based on¬†AMD’s Polaris architecture¬†and was available in two and four GB versions. The Polaris also came with a 1,100 MHz basis clock, 1183MHz increment clock speed, and a 128-bit high-speed bus. These specs don’t seem as great as the more powerful AMD models and are less than the 6500 XT base model with 4GB of memory, but a much more powerful base clock, 2610 MHz, and 2815 speed boost for the watches.

The model is based on¬†Hermitage Akihabara. At least four stores carry RX 550 with one add-in board (AIB) partner known as “Expert Orientated” in Japan. The 4GB version is the only available version and is priced at about 17.600 Japanese dollars ($155 ). Although $155 might be a bit steep for a graphics card that’s been around five years, it is a reasonable price today. Graphics cards are priced higher because of the constant shortage of processors, and¬†AMD’s¬†most recent entry-level model isn’t readily available and is priced much more than the MSRP.

In terms of a vintage,¬†entry-level graphics card, this RX 550 has some serious performance issues. Its inability to include the DisplayPort and has only HDMI and DVI ports isn’t helpful either. It is, however, tiny and single-slot, which is suitable for the majority of models. Additionally, it can handle most esports, including Overwatch, CS: GO, and VALIANT.

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