The capacity of manufacturing is the bottleneck.

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In its CES 2022 conference, AMD revealed that it would launch the Ryzen 7 5800X3D to better the superior gaming performance of Intel’s powerful 12th Generation CPUs and the 12900K precisely. Before unveiling the announcement, we were hoping that AMD would release 3D variants of its processor 5900X and 5950X. AMD had previously shown the 5900X-based prototype, but, as per Digitimes, manufacturing constraints are probably the reason we’re not experiencing the 5800X3D at this point.

Digitimes sources indicate that the company’s 3D SoIC technology isn’t yet being produced in large quantities and that what available capacity can be used to make enterprise chips. Yet, TSMC is building a new advanced packaging facility located in China, Taiwan, expected to open later in the year. However, it could be fast enough to support the production of large quantities of 5800X3D before the launch of Zen 4 later in the year.

AMD believes that the addition of the entire L3 cache will provide a substantial amount in gaming efficiency over the 5800X base model, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The concept is that latency-sensitive applications like games can benefit by not having to access the DRAM frequently. AMD claims that the technology will increase performance by 15, making it more competitive with the 12900K. However, we’ll leave the judgment to you until we’ve tried the 5800X3D for ourselves.

3D packaging remains an emerging area in technology, yet it’s evident that AMD and Intel are all in on the concept. Chips that range from stacking cache to die-on-die and on to cutting circuits and splitting blocks across various dies are part of the roadmaps of both companies.

It’s believed that the Ryzen 7 5800X3D is set to debut in spring 2022. So there’s some time to wait. If the limited TSMC production capacity is maintained until the middle of 2022 (or later), it could be the case that the 5800X3D remains an exclusive CPU. It’s likely to be replaced by Zen 4 CPUs by 2022.