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AMD Threadripper Pro 5000WX Package Images Surface

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fatima khan
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The week before, AMD announced that they would start the sale of its Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000WX-series workstation-grade processors in the next few months. Today initial images for their new products were revealed. The images may indicate that AMD’s latest workstation CPUs that can accommodate power as high as 64 are expected to be released to the market much earlier than later.

AMD’s Threadripper Pro series of computers is expected to be offered in boxes of black that feature windows, as shown in images of the boxes shared to Twitter by @momomo_us, who can find information from various retailers using sophisticated search algorithms and is extremely precise in his findings from research. We aren’t sure whether the images come from AMD or one of its retail partners.

The most alarming aspect is that the boxes don’t carry the Ryzen brand name but the Ryzen logo and Threadripper Pro. Threadripper Pro is the brand name. AMD will certainly not eliminate the word Ryzen in the title of its product. It’s still known as AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000WX; however, the artwork on the boxes will focus on its Threadripper Pro trademark.

(Image credit: @momomo_us/Twitter)

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000WX series has 64, 32, 24, 12, and 16 cores and 128MB of L3 memory. The CPUs are built on AMD‘s Zen 3 microarchitecture and support up to 1TB of DDR4-3200 RAM and eight channels. These processors are compatible with motherboards that have a WRX8 socket. CPU.

The most potent 64-core Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX carries the suggested price of $6,499, while the 32-core 5975WX and 24-core CPUs cost $3,299 and $2.399, respectively.

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