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AMD changed significant portion of graphics chips into a “legacy support model”

AMD has launched a brand new driver for its old cards.

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AMD changed a significant portion of graphics chips into a “legacy support model” around one year in the past. It’s easy to understand that the “legacy support model” is discontinued support for them because AMD stated that “No additional driver releases are planned to support these graphics products.” However, out of the blue, AMD has launched a brand new driver for its old cards. You can download it from their website If you own an older model of graphics card that’s found its way into the old GPU list.

“AMD confirmed it is retiring a large number of its graphics card today. Starting with Adrenalin 21.6.1 driver graphics card from Radeon Fury, Radeon 300, as well as Radeon 200 series, will no longer be supported, as all these cards have been moved to the legacy section” 

It’s worth noting that Adrenaline edition 22.6.1 drivers are everywhere regarding OS support. When it first launched, it was only compatible with Windows 10 64-bit, but the support has been expanded up to Windows 7 64-bit. Operating systems with 32 bits are now out; the same is true for Windows 8 on all counts.

What end of support means for affected systems

AMD ends graphics driver support

No one is a fan of Windows 8. If you’re still running the”pig’s ear” of an OS and your drivers remain the ones from 2014, which is a shame.

It could be more apparent what the new driver is doing since we can no longer connect to these old GPUs in the kit cabinet. There are indeed a few known problems to be aware of. However, the benefits aren’t obvious:

  • Enhanced Synchronization may cause the black screen to appear when it is enabled on specific games and configurations. Users who may have issues with Enhanced Sync enabled should disable it for a temporary solution.
  • Radeon performance measurements and logging features may occasionally provide extremely high or incorrect values for memory clocks.

If you’re using an older version of your graphics card, i.e., one that AMD is now deeming a “legacy” model, please let us know the drivers that have a noticeable effect on performance. We’d be astonished by any performance enhancements available. However, some more complex support issues may be solved.

We’re waiting to find out from AMD precisely what this update will offer users of an older GPU. However, in other news, at the very least, the cost for the graphics card is beginning to be back to their regular prices, and it shouldn’t take long before we get an upgrade to the RDNA 3 graphic cards.

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