If you don't want the luxurious features of Google's Nest thermostat Amazon's smart thermostat can be an excellent, budget-friendly choice.
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Amazon’s smart thermostat

It’s now an even better value because of the 20 per cent discount which has brought the price (again) down to an all-time low that is $48.

Buy smart thermostats at Amazon for $48

The thermostat’s smart features an elegant, simple design that doesn’t detract from your décor. It utilizes Honeywell’s Home Thermostat technology and is Energy Star certified. You could get as much as $50 in savings each year on your energy bills -or a good meal in a restaurant.

It can be used with Alexa via spoken commands or the Alexa mobile app that lets you create schedules or modify settings when you’re away to ensure you can have a cosy home when you return. There are some compromises for the lower cost, however. There aren’t many features available on Google Nests that automatically lower the temperature after you leave your home. However, it’s certainly not as good as a Nest product for the Google Home-centric home.

If you’re interested in the features you’ve been looking for, Google Nest products are available for purchase at Amazon and other retailers. The basic Google Nest Thermostat (above) is available for just the price of $115 ($15 discount) as well as The Nest Learning Thermostat is priced at $199, which is a reduction of $50 from the original $249 price. Both are compatible in conjunction with Google Home, which will lower the temperature once you go away, and it will also turn off the temperature when you leave. Nest Learning Thermostat will automatically learn from your experiences and then program itself. It also integrates with Alexa if you’re inclined to use the voice assistant.