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Amazon Prime is offering a widely acclaimed shooter at no cost Here’s how you can take advantage of it.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Prime Gaming is one of the least-known Amazon Prime member benefits. If you’re unaware, Prime subscribers get access to various gaming products without cost. The options range from additional in-game features for popular games like FIFA 22, Fall Guys, and Pokemon Go and the rotating collection of games on video, which you can keep once you’ve claimed.

In the past, monthly lineups have featured major titles like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Dead Space 2; however, you can download a highly popular open-world shooter in June. From July 1 until now, Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Far Cry 4 via Ubisoft Connect. The sequel to the shooter is a delightful game with a vast open-world map to explore and numerous ways to create complete chaos.

First released in 2014, Far Cry 4 is the fourth mainline game in the wildly popular Far Cry series. Don’t be concerned; even if you’ve never played a Far Cry game before, each of the numbered sequels is an entirely standalone title in a completely new setting and featuring brand-new characters.

Within Far Cry 4, your journey to the fictional land of Kyrat, which is a stunning mountainous region that is broken up by the civil conflict. The role of Ajay Ghale is one of the children of a fighter for freedom which left Kyrat as a child. You meet Kyrat’s eccentric head of state, Pagan Min, and are forced into the conflict. Following in your father’s footsteps as a leader, you are required to lead an army of rebels to seize their home.

The game blends Far Cry’s distinctive cinematic storytelling with a wide range of outdoor activities. From freeing the enemy camp and hunting for exotic creatures, there’s always something to enjoy within Far Cry 4. And the best part is that almost every task will make your character stronger and gives you better equipment. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot of fun exploring the off-the-beaten track.

When it first came out, Far Cry 4 enjoyed the praise of critics. In the years that followed, its standing has increased. It’s now considered one of the best games in the series and can perform admirably compared to the most recent installment in the series Far Cry 6.

Suppose Far Cry isn’t quite to your liking. In that case, Prime Gaming offers five other games to play in July: Escape from Monkey Island, WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship, Calico, Astrologaster, and Across the Grooves. This is a diverse selection of games, and you should find at least one game in the selection that interests you. You’ve got until July 1 to get these games before the collection is refreshed.


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