AmazonAmazon Fire TV’s new overhaul streamlines discovery and search

Amazon Fire TV’s new overhaul streamlines discovery and search


Various video streaming platforms have their advocates, with Roku and Apple TV hardware, along with Google’s Chromecast, frequently getting the nod from viewers in the know. But Amazon’s Fire TV sticks (and cube and TV) are also major players on the streaming scene, and they have the distinct advantage of integration with the ever-popular Amazon Alexa for everything from voice search to smart home automation.

TechRadar has knocked the Fire TV platform down a notch In previous reviews for having a somewhat confusing and ad-filled interface. Another Fire TV complaint: its search feature turned up unrelated content and also aggressively steered viewers toward options for purchase on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon must have been paying attention, because it just dropped a series of enhancements that aim to streamline the look of the Fire TV interface while improving its search function.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
Aizaz was the first person to get a byline on his blog on technology from his home in Bannu in 2017. Then, he went on to a career in breaking things professionally at my electric sparks which is where he eventually took over the kit as a hardware editor. Today, as the senior editor of hardware for my electric sparks, he spends time reporting about the most recent developments in the hardware industry and technology. If he's not reporting on hardware or electronics, you'll see him trying to be as remote from the world of technology as possible through camping in the wild.


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