The Xbox one is already available.
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playstation 5

It would be best if you were quick when you are about to purchase PS5. Amazon’s website doesn’t have the same level of protection against bots and waiting times that other retailers have. Make sure you log in to the account you have created on your Amazon Prime Account, complete with all of your billing and shipping details, and add this console to your wishlist.¬†

There is a greater chance of adding it to your cart without being stopped with an error message by adding it to your list of wishes (you can do this in advance) and refreshing your wishlist when PS5s become available for purchase from the wishlist.

If you manage to include a console in your cart, make sure you check out as quickly as possible. It’s not uncommon to make an error during the checkout process, so make sure to act swiftly, stay focused, and repeat the process for as long as possible.