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Amazon and Google both slam Microsoft regarding changes to Cloud Hosting policies

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fatima khan
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Amazon and Google are seemingly unhappy with Microsoft’s recent move to fix so-called “unfair” software licensing terms. The policy change can affect the company’s cloud hosting services, and the rival companies believe it hurts the competition.

Microsoft has been in talks with some European cloud provider partner representatives for roughly a year. As a result, this company has noticed an unfairness in software licensing terms that could be deleterious to the cloud market competition. Microsoft promised to fix this issue, and as per the recent company announcement, the changes will take effect from October 1, 2022. Microsoft says these changes aim to “help these partners to be more competitive and grow their businesses.”

Microsoft’s President and Vice Chair, Brad Smith, wrote in the EU Policy blog, “As a major technology provider, we recognize our responsibility to support a healthy competitive environment and the role that trusted local providers play in meeting customers’ technology needs.”

Google, Amazon, and Alibaba believe Amazon is hurting the competition in the cloud market

The major players in the cloud market have lashed back at Microsoft for its new terms. As per the Reuters report, GoogleAmazon, and Alibaba have reacted to the recent changes, saying Microsoft is restricting the competition and making it hard for users to move freely across platforms.

“Microsoft is now doubling-down on the same harmful practices by implementing even more restrictions in an unfair attempt to limit the competition it faces – rather than listening to its customers and restoring fair software licensing in the cloud for everyone,” An AWS spokesperson told Reuters.

Marcus Jadotte, Google’s SVP for Government Relations, also said,

These unsatisfied companies suggest that cloud providers must focus on “the merits of their technologies” and not lock their customers in.


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