GamesAll that chanting in the Elden Ring soundtrack is...

All that chanting in the Elden Ring soundtrack is gibberish


Playing Elden Ring, you might be forgiven for thinking, “Wow! Some of these soundtracks have super cool chanting. I bet that’s some amazing Latin or some other ancient, dead language and the meaning really adds to what’s going on.” You’d be wrong, however, as one student of languages has discovered: It’s just gibberish manipulated to sound like real words in an ancient tongue.

A dedicated Elden Ring fan who goes by Magister-Organi on Reddit and Antonius Tertius on YouTube has spent more than a little time tracking down information on the Elden Ring soundtrack bits that sound like Latin. After speaking to some people involved in their creation, Magister-Organi has confirmed that they’re nonsense syllables. 

fatima khan
fatima khan
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