Video provides an excellent look at DJI's upcoming compact drone.
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A huge DJI Mini 3 Pro leak exposes all the fantastic features of a drone that is a beginner's dream.
The DJI Mini 2. (Image credit: DJI)

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is finally out there after months of speculation, and it has been revealed in a video that offers an early glimpse of this exciting drone designed for novices.

The video below was put through the @DealsDrone on Twitter. The video showcases what appears to be a Mini 3 Pro and will answer some questions regarding the long-awaited camera which can fly.

Similar to the DJI Mini 2, it’s expected to be a hit, and a sticker at the lower part of the Mini 3 Pro shows it will weigh less than 250g. It’s crucial as in certain areas where you are allowed drones to fly at an estimated weight of less than 250g without being registered with the local air traffic authorities.



But even though it weighs just one or two grams more than Mini 2’s weight of 242g, Mini 2, the DJI Mini 3 Pro appears to have a lot of innovative features that warrant the”Pro” name.

On the top is an upgraded three-axis gimbal specifically designed to make video smooth and smooth operation, putting aside the possibility that it could switch to an electronic system for stabilization. The gimbal’s layout is unusual in videos and features the attachment only on one side, but it’s expected to allow the use of it to create horizontal videos.

HTML0The gimbal comes with cameras that feature a clear and brighter f//1.7 lens than f/2.8 Mini 2, which can help improve its performance in low-light conditions. Based on the marks on the rear of the lens, it appears to have the same focal length, however.

One of the most significant downsides to these drones is the battery life, but the DJI Mini 3 Pro should be a vast improvement. The video leaks reveal that it’ll have batteries with 2,453mAh capacity, about 10 % more capacity than that of the Mini 2. Mini 2. The expected flight time of 35 mins.

A huge DJI Mini 3 Pro leak exposes all the fantastic features of a drone that is a beginner's dream.
The leaked Mini 3 Pro video shows what appear to be front-facing obstacle avoidance sensors and a new gimbal design that supports vertical video. (Image credit: @DealsDrone)

The leaked Mini 3 Pro video shows what appears as front-facing obstacles with a brand-new Gimbal that supports the vertical aspect of the video.

One of the essential new features of Mini 3 Pro is the brand-new sensors. The video leak illustrates how the device will have giant sensors on the ground and front to help avoid obstructions.

This is an enormous leap on DJI Mini 2, which doesn’t have any features for obstacle avoidance to assist in maneuvering through trees when in flight. Mini 2 only has ground-detection sensors at the bottom (which isn’t designed to avoid obstructions) and doesn’t have forward sensors, despite the vents on the bold.

We’re not aware of some information regarding DJI Mini 3 Pro. DJI Mini 3 Pro, including its sensor size frame rates, frame rate, the addition of features to applications like ActiveTrack as well as if the device is equipped with a new controller (a type that’s more stripped-down than the DJI RC Pro), that was revealed previously in the leaks from the box.

These issues will be likely be answered soon. DJI Mini 3 Pro is DJI Mini 3 Pro expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Analysis The Mini 2's weak points

Analysis The Mini 2's weak points
Stills from the leaked video of the DJI Mini 3 Pro (from @DealsDrone on Twitter). (Image credit: @DealsDrone)
A huge DJI Mini 3 Pro leak exposes all the fantastic features of a drone that is a beginner's dream.
image credit @DealsDrone)

This DJI Mini 3 Pro leak highlights the capabilities of the mini drone. It’s likely to fix the main flaws of DJI Mini 2. DJI Mini 2, namely an absence of obstacles, low battery life, and declining camera. What if these new features do increase the cost?
If DJI intends to launch an unidentified Mini 3, adding the word “Pro” in the title indicates that the model will come as expensive and in a position to compete with Mini 2. Mini two is priced at $449 PS419, AU$749, or PS419.

Mini 3 Pro Mini 3 Pro Mini 3 Pro could be a viable replacement for the larger Mavic Air 2 within DJI’s lineup of drones. The Mini 3 Pro could be priced at $799/PS769 or $1,499 when released in 2020. It will place it somewhere between Mini 2 and the DJI Air 2S ($999 (PS899 or 1699 AU$). or 1699 dollars) is currently in the mid-range of our top drones for purchase.

Despite the possibility of a price increase, even with the probable price hike, the likelihood of price increases, Mini 3 Pro is an incredible drone suitable for experienced and novice photographers. The Mini 3 Pro’s weight and the dimension of 249g make it ideal for hiking and shooting trips through the countryside because its sensor is set to increase into a 1/1.3in CMO sensor (up from 1/2.3 inch on the Mini 2).¬†

The introduction of obstacles avoidance features is essential for those just beginning their journey. It allows the drone to be more easily accessible from the box and when using DJI’s auto mode.

It’s unclear what DJI will do to differentiate Mini 3 Pro from its counterparts. Mini 3 Pro from its superior drones. The presence of the Pro label suggests that DJI has created Mini 3 Pro, the best mini drone can be at a reasonable cost.