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A Facebook bug sent celebrities’ comments to all users for several hours.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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People who followed the memes posted memes to make use of the devastation. Facebook was hit by a bizarre glitch early on Wednesday that was able to fill user feeds with unending posts from popular accounts.

Numerous celebrities trying to access Facebook’s social media site had the same problem when they noticed that their primary News Feed was flooded with minor important posts posted to the pages of artists such as Lady Gaga, Nirvana, and The Beatles. As of 5:15 AM ET, the issue seems to have been solved after 3 hours of confusion.

When he posted the tweet about the issue on Twitter, Meta spokesperson Alexandru Voica blamed an unspecified “configuration change” for the case and claimed the problem was now solved.

People quickly took advantage of the trend and sent memes to celebrities they were aware would be widely shared. One image that is widely shared and found on my feed is a picture of a turkey sandwich, with the caption, “If you see this, share it to another celebrities Facebook page keep the turkey sandwich moving.” It appears that everybody who follows that celeb then saw the picture on their feeds.

A sample feed showing the spam and memes that Facebook users are sending to celebrities [with usernames redacted]. Screenshot:

Others took advantage of the situation by sending out PayPal donation links or advertising cryptocurrency-related projects.

While it was not apparent to have been an outage, in the conventional sense, people could use a down detector to report issues beginning just before 2:00 AM Eastern time. However, the Dashboard of status for Meta did not report any problems. An official from Meta did not respond to The Verge’s request for information.

Update on August 24th, 6:11 AM ET: Updated that the issue seems to be solved with a new statement by Meta spokesperson Alexandru Voica.

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