Oppo recently launched its first tablet worldwide, The Oppo Pad, alongside its Find X5 series of flagship phones available in China.

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8360 mAh. 2K display Snapdragon 870 4 speakers and a stylus that comes by magnetic charge. It's the first time the Oppo Pad has gone on sale in China.

Today, the Chinese company launched the marketing of Oppo Pad in the domestic market. Oppo Pad in the domestic market.

It comes in three different versions: Oppo Pad is available in China and comes with three models. Each model has 6GB RAM. They come with a capacity of 128GB, 6GB RAM with storage of 256GB, and 8GB RAM, with storage of 256GB. These models cost $364 or $427, or $475. It is available in black and purple. Additionally, it comes as its Oppo Pad Artist Limited Edition, with 8GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 256GB. It can be purchased in China at $554.

This Oppo Pad has an 11″ Quad HD+ display with a resolution of 1600×2560 pixels with an IPS screen that features an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s built on its Snapdragon 870, a single-chip device. In addition, it comes with LPPDR4x RAM.
Oppo Pad is a smartphone equipped with cameras. Oppo Pad has an 8MP front camera and a rear camera of 13MP that includes a LED flash. The battery capacity is 8630mAh and is recharged quickly at 33W. The tablet runs Android 12 based on ColorOS 12.
The device comes with extra accessories such as keyboards and a stylus that uses magnets to fix it to the device. In addition, Oppo Pad came with four Dolby Atmos speakers, Wi-Fi 6.8, and Bluetooth 5.1 adapters.