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AndroidWhy Android is better than iPhone 2022

Why Android is better than iPhone 2022

The eternal choice between Android and iOS is one that dogs many. While there are many that swear by one over the other, there is no denying that there are advantages to both. If you are trying to decide which could be right for you, here are some of the reasons why you should pick an Android phone for your next smartphone.

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All the Same Capabilities

Firstly, and most obviously, an Android can do anything that an iOS does if the same apps and support are in place. It does not matter whether you want to play the latest slots online, arrange meetings for your business, or browse for a holiday in the sun, you will be able to do so just as easily on an Android as you would on iOS.

Even some functions that were once just on iOS are slowly making their way to Android. Apple users have had reactions on WhatsApp for years, and this is now slowly getting rolled out to Android too. Using capabilities as a way to lord it over the other device really isn’t that feasible anymore when it comes to comparing the basics. At the end of the day, they are both smartphones with a vast range of operations. It is in the finer details that we need to be comparing them.

More Brands

With iOS, you have one option – Apple. This operating system comes from them and this means that you only have the choice of iPhones. This is a choice that many are happy to make, but there is no denying that there is a lot more choice out there for those willing to look into what Android phones can offer.

Some of the major brands at play here can include Samsung, Google, and Huawei, but they are just three of many manufacturers. If you don’t like what one brand has to offer in terms of specifications, there are lots of other options. You have a full range of products to consider, all at different price points, and it means that you have more of a chance of finding a phone that suits your needs. Whether this is a flip phone, something water-resistant and rugged, or any other specification, there should be an Android on the market to suit.


Everyone should protect their phone with a variety of login authentication. Though they can occasionally be a pest to get past, they protect the data on your phone in a massive way. Most phones let you key in a code, but options beyond that can be limited for iPhones.

Older models of iPhone allow you to use Touch ID fingerprint recognition to unlock your phone. The iPhone X uses Face ID, a facial recognition technology, but no fingerprint recognition, and there are no retina options. All three of these can be found in Samsung’s Android phones, and many Android brands carry a mix of them and other forms of biometric authentication. They make it easier than ever for you to access your phone without having to key in your password.

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, things can often come down to what the best option for you will be. There are many advantages to choosing a phone with the iOS operating system, it can’t be denied, but equally you could find some advantages with Android. Android phones are the favourites of many since they really offer flexibility in terms of specifications, and they are easy to use and modify as you require. Make sure you consider Androids when shopping for your newest smartphones – you might find the perfect phone for you!

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