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GamesDestiny 2 along with Fortnite crossovers leaked ahead Bungie event

Destiny 2 along with Fortnite crossovers leaked ahead Bungie event

Bungie appears to be getting ready to add Fortnite skins to Destiny 2. After Fortnite leaker MidaRado teased a potential Destiny 2 collab over the weekend, Ginsor — a well-known Destiny dataminer — has confirmed the crossover with an image showing off several classic Fortnite skins in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 along with Fortnite crossovers leaked ahead Bungie event
Destiny 2 along with Fortnite crossovers leaked ahead Bungie event 

The image, which was likely obtained from Bungie’s own website, includes a Titan armor set that looks very much like the Black Knight skin that was originally obtainable from the season pass of Fortnite season 2.

Destiny’s Warlock is also shown with a Fortnite-like Drift Mask, and the Hunter looks very much like Fortnite’s Omega skin.

Fortnite crossovers leaked ahead Bungie event

It’s not clear how Destiny 2 players will be able to obtain these Fortnite skins, or when they’ll be part of the game. It’s more than likely that the Fortnite skins will be universal ornaments in Destiny 2, so players can apply them to any armor sets and customize characters. Rumors also suggest Fortnite could also get its own Destiny skins, and there are plenty of characters that Bungie could potentially place inside the Fortnite world.

This isn’t the first time Bungie has added crossover content to Destiny 2. Bungie celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special content drop that included Halo-like guns in Destiny 2. The 30th Anniversary pack for Destiny 2, released late last year, included a Magnum-like sidearm, alongside a Battle Rifle-like pulse rifle in the looter shooter.

Huge Leak

This Fortnite crossover leak comes just days before Bungie is set to reveal season 18 of Destiny 2, and the next major expansion to the franchise: Lightfall. Bungie has scheduled a Destiny 2 showcase for Tuesday August 23rd at 9AM PT / 12PM ET. It’s the first major Destiny 2 showcase since Sony acquired Bungie for $3.7 billion earlier this year.

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